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Quan Ren is a Holding Company to be listed has invested several Internet Co and a Quan Ren Holding Company to be listed has several Internet Co listed investment will reach two former actor Quan Ren more and more comfortable in the investment on the road, holding company is also a step toward the goal of listing near. The day before, appear red on both sides of the Changjiang River casual game "find your sister" proxy issuers "share era" in the manual transfer of shares of the company’s pending materials, proposed landing three new board. Quan Ren holds 9% of the total share capital and ranks among the fourth largest shareholders of the company. Recently, "find your sister" proxy game publisher Beijing share time Polytron Technologies Inc transfer statement appeared in the shares of the company’s pending materials, proposed landing three new board. Public transfer instructions, the actual control of Wang Xin era June 2015 share its holdings invested 1 million 603 thousand and 100 yuan to 9 million yuan transferred to the venture capital Star VC star founder Ren Zhenquan (formerly Quan Ren), after the transfer, Quan Ren shares accounted for 9% of the total share capital, one of the fourth largest shareholder of the company. According to Quan Ren and share the gambling agreement of the times, if the share of the era is not completed in 5 years, or by the third party as a whole acquisition, Quan Ren has the right to ask Wang Xin to buy back in advance of its holding all or part of the company’s equity. The share repurchase price is the return of the principal portion of Quan Ren’s equity holdings and the annual return on investment for 10% years. Sharing era was founded in 2011, the main mobile game publishing and other services. In addition to "looking for your sister", the agency also issued "cut rope", "bear infested stars", "Altman fight small monsters" and other games. Share time is still losing, in 2015 from 1 to October, 2014, 2013, respectively, loss of 4 million 940 thousand yuan, 3 million 60 thousand yuan, 128 thousand and 100 yuan. The company said the increase in staff compensation and marketing fees led to an increase in losses. Beijing morning news reporter Han Yuanjia – news link Star VC shot quickly share this era of performance and did not let Quan Ren "abandon", as a veteran of the investment community, Quan Ren investment also prefer the Internet theme, and reward. Public data show that Quan Ren founded Star VC has successfully invested in the second shot, Korean clothing house, small coffee show, star wardrobe, Rong 360, etc.. In October 20th last year, Hong Kong listed companies Pacific industry (Stock Code: 00767.HK) announced that the purchase of "financial Canada" agreement has met all prerequisites, officially completed. Prior to this, Pacific industry decided to acquire 96% equity interest with HK $2 billion 400 million. In October 21st, financial Canada official website released information that, financial Canada has successfully log in Hongkong motherboard. Finance plus, formerly known as fast loan, is an internet financial company, announced in April last year to obtain strategic investment in Star VC. With the current valuation of HK $2 billion 500 million, the Star VC, which Quan Ren participated in, also indirectly became a shareholder of Hong Kong listed companies with the acquisition of financial industry by Pacific industries. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

任泉持股公司又一家要上市 已投资数家互联网公司   任泉持股公司 又一家要上市   已投资数家互联网公司 上市的将达两家   演员出身的任泉在投资的道路上越来越得心应手,持股的公司也一步步朝着上市的目标靠近。日前,红透大江南北的休闲游戏《找你妹》的代理发行商“分享时代”的转让说明书出现在了股转公司的待审材料中,拟登陆新三板。任泉持有股份占总股本的9%,跻身公司第四大股东。   近日,《找你妹》游戏代理发行商北京分享时代科技股份有限公司的转让说明书出现在了股转公司的待审材料中,拟登陆新三板。公开转让说明书显示,2015年6月分享时代实控人王鑫将其持有的160.31万元出资以900万元转让给了明星风投Star VC的创始人任振泉(任泉原名),转让后,任泉持有股份占总股本的9%,跻身公司第四大股东。根据任泉和分享时代的对赌协议,如果分享时代在5年内未完成上市或被第三方整体收购,任泉有权要求王鑫提前回购其所持有的公司全部或部分股权。股权回购价格为任泉届时仍持有股权部分对应的投资本金以及每年10%年投资回报率所计算的收益。   分享时代成立于2011年,主营手机游戏发行等业务。除了《找你妹》以外,还代理发行过《割绳子》、《熊出没之消灭星星》、《奥特曼大战小怪兽》等游戏。分享时代目前依旧亏损,在2015年1至10月、2014年、2013年,分别亏损494万元、306万元、12.81万元。公司称,职工薪酬、市场推广费的大幅增加导致亏损增加。   北京晨报记者 韩元佳   ■新闻链接   Star VC出手迅速   分享时代这样的业绩并没有让任泉“嫌弃”,作为投资界的老手,任泉的投资也更偏爱互联网题材,并且所获颇丰。公开资料显示,任泉所创立的Star VC已经成功投资了秒拍、韩都衣舍、小咖秀、明星衣橱、融360等。去年10月20日,香港上市公司太平洋实业(股票代码:00767.HK)发布公告称,买“财加”协议已满足所有先决条件,正式完成落成。此前,太平洋实业决定以24亿港元价格收购财加96%股权。10月21日,财加官网发布资讯称,财加已成功登录香港主板。财加原名速帮贷,是一家互联网金融公司,去年4月宣布获得Star VC的战略投资。财加目前估值为25亿港元,随着财加被太平洋实业收购,任泉所参与的Star VC也间接成为了香港上市公司的股东。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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