Psychology of love and marriage 5 kinds of silly white sweet most likely to be tricked into bed (Fig-bleep

Psychology of marriage: 5 kinds of silly white sweet most easily cheated in bed (Figure) 5 kinds of silly white sweet most easily cheated in bed inventory of what woman is the most easily deceived bed in the small thing in this affair, a woman is definitely not a passer-by, they are often involved in. Out of curiosity for 30%~40%; and because women love each other and answer accounted for 50%, accounted for 25% in disorderly fashion was forced to answer, in order to satisfy the desire or curiosity accounted for 25%. In addition, women have the following psychological make it easy to be cheated by men. 1, some young women love vanity, vigilance is not high, always attracted to those young, handsome and highly esteemed graceful bearing, so "love at first sight", yishenxiangxu, lead deceived. 2, some young women tend to Natori "in Natori", only by a sign of the other party, a title will easily believe, which is a major cause of gullible. 3, the pursuit of novelty and some female youth in the current open social and historical conditions, longing for the "new" way of life, the pursuit of fashionable, exquisite dress often results by fraudsters as prey. 4, the lack of social experience of some young women are married knowing each other, because there is a feeling in love with each other, it is easy to believe in each other’s blandishments and meet the other requirements of a solemn pledge of love. When they find themselves deceived, just too late for regrets. 5, sexual defense psychology is not full of young girls’ sexual defense psychology is often not perfect, at the beginning of the sexual requirements of her boyfriend can also be rejected. However, by her boyfriend repeatedly asked, on the other side of the temptation, tease, slowly lose self-control, in disorderly fashion had sex before marriage, to leave a lifetime of regret. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章:

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