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The municipality of Sanmenxia?   green development right time – Henan channel — original title: Sanmenxia: green development right time   Swan City — Sanmenxia. 6 to the reporter Shi Changlai photo "see the trees but not the village village, not real, people do not see the door, no one heard." The unique charm of Shanzhou pit house this year "eleven" golden week to attract a lot of tourists, 7 days received around 229 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 1 million 195 thousand yuan. Pit house is a microcosm of Sanmenxia city tourism development, the tourism industry is growing as the development of green city is an important growth pole. Sanmenxia is built because of dam. As one of the 7 provinces that have been identified as resource-based cities in our province, how to choose the development path under the new normal, and then stimulate new energy and vitality? In September 25th, the Seventh Party Congress in Sanmenxia, the new party secretary Liu Nanchang clearly stated: to lead the economic transformation to the "green idea", and lead the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, speeding up to build a fully functional livable city, explore a characteristic of Sanmenxia green development road. In recent years, Sanmenxia continues to accelerate the pace of green development. In 2015, the city’s GDP reached 125 billion 100 million yuan, 5 years the average annual growth rate of 9.2%; the per capita GDP of 56 thousand yuan, ranking third in the province; three times continuously optimize the industrial structure, further adjusted to 9.5: 58.2: 32.3; energy saving and emission reduction achieved remarkable success, in 5 years the city yuan GDP energy consumption, energy consumption yuan industrial added value totaled respectively. Decreased 17.2% and 30%. Green development also enhances the sense of happiness of Sanmenxia people. The ecological civilization construction has achieved remarkable results, with the forest coverage rate of 50.72%, keeping the first place in the province. In particular, a large number of white swans fly to the winter every year, so there is a "Swan City" reputation. China’s excellent tourist city, National Garden City, National Forest City, China’s big Swan Town, Chinese inland city oxygen bar 50 strong, etc., one honor to highlight the continuous efforts of Sanmenxia city. Now, standing at a new historical starting point, the city has made a clear choice — green development, at the right time! The 7 (Huang Sha, commissioning editor Yang Xiaona) 省辖市巡礼?三门峡篇 绿色发展正逢其时–河南频道–人民网 原标题:三门峡:绿色发展正逢其时     天鹅之城――三门峡。⑨6本报记者史长来摄   “见树不见村,进村不见房,入户不见门,闻声不见人。”独具魅力的陕州地坑院今年“十一”黄金周吸引了大量游客,7天共接待各地游客22.9万人次,实现旅游收入119.5万元。地坑院是三门峡市旅游业蓬勃发展的一个缩影,旅游业正在成长为该市绿色发展的一个重要增长极。   三门峡因坝建城。作为我省7个被认定为资源型城市的省辖市之一,在新常态下如何选准发展路径,进而激发出新的动能与活力?9月25日,在三门峡市第七次党代会上,上任不久的市委书记刘南昌明确提出:以“绿色理念”引领经济转型,主动适应和引领经济发展新常态,加快打造功能齐全的宜居之城,探索一条具有三门峡特色的绿色发展之路。   近年来,三门峡市持续加快绿色发展步伐。2015年,全市生产总值达1251亿元,5年间年均增长9.2%;人均生产总值5.6万元,居全省第3位;三次产业结构不断优化,进一步调整到9.5∶58.2∶32.3;节能减排成效明显,5年来全市万元GDP能耗、万元工业增加值能耗累计分别下降17.2%和30%。   绿色发展也提升着三门峡人的幸福感。生态文明建设成效显著,全市森林覆盖率达50.72%,保持全省第一。特别是每年大量白天鹅飞来过冬,所以有了“天鹅之城”的美誉。   中国优秀旅游城市、国家园林城市、国家森林城市、中国大天鹅之乡、中国内陆城市氧吧50强等,一个个荣誉彰显着三门峡市持续不断的努力。如今,站在新的历史起点上,这座城市已作出了清晰选择――绿色发展,正逢其时!③7 (责编:黄莎、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章:

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