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Primary school R-Day forehead points to open a new meaning: cinnabar mole net in wisdom – the morning of September 1st, Shenyang City Experimental Primary school three ushered in a lot of the first grade students. The entrance ceremony novel let the bean bag are enthusiastic; and when the parents are, many freshmen into a cry…… Creative entrance ceremony: the combination of traditional and modern day 8, the entrance ceremony officially began. Since being dressed, bowed after the end of the project, "drumming Ming" link at the entrance ceremony into a climax. In the exciting drums accompanied the students shouted out their own desires and dreams. "Cinnabar special education" project, a year four class teacher Xu Jing with a brush in the cinnabar children’s forehead, the children will politely say "thank you teacher". Mole through wisdom, meaning to open the wisdom. The "flying dream" stage, parents and children from a symbol of dream balloons, and the balloons thrown into the air. Next is detonated wisdom link, let the children burst the balloon burst, the classroom atmosphere suddenly active. Vice president of Shenyang City Experimental Primary School Zhao Hongjun, school freshmen year ceremony will take different ideas, the "beginning ceremony" in the form of this year, the combination of traditional culture and modern elements. Leave their parents’ faces: some people cry and laugh at the school entrance, the children also talk about laughter, but the thought of a moment to be separated from their parents, some children can not control emotions. When the teacher said, "please leave school, sitting in the front row of a fat boy’s tears streaming down, mom kept beside comfort. The end of the entrance ceremony, the parents have left the classroom, the children crying in the classroom more. A little boy kept crying, holding his father’s hand tightly. The father and son talked for a long time, the little boy just reluctantly let go of his father’s hand, still can not shed tears. The teacher, Mr. Xu, went up to a little boy, hugged him and comforted him. The little boy finally stopped crying. Apart from the crying children, some children are very excited. A boy told reporters, the school and his imagination is very different. The reporter asked: "what do you think of the school?" "It’s a square." The boy replied with a mischievous. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Li Qinghai Intern Li Yang相关的主题文章:

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