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UnCategorized A question I often receive is, "how long will it take to manifest _____in my life? This is really impossible to answer because the time it takes for a thing to show up in your life is unpredictable. Some things come quickly–and others take longer and come in a very runabout way over time. But one thing is for certain: what you consistently keep at the center of your attention will be attracted to you. If what you desire is greater wealth (notice I said, "greater" because as you should know–you already are wealthy), my best tip would be to not focus on how wealth is going to come into your life, but just focus on you having it. The author Mike Dooley says, "The ‘hows’ are the domain of the Universe–it always know the quickest, best, most harmonious way to bring you what you are resonating." Focus all your attention on having great wealth and ‘being’ a wealthy person, then be on the look-out for any inspired action you can take to get closer to your goal. This could mean all sorts of things, from buying a lotto ticket, to striking up a conversation with someone new, or acting on a business idea that’s been on your mind for some time, or applying for a new position, or a million other possibilities. Whenever you are inspired to act, take action quickly. Many times I have manifested things into my life that did not happen the way I thought they would. I have learned to leave the "how" up to the Universe, and not try to tell it how to bring me what I want. My job is just to visualize wealth and other things I want and then be grateful when they come. This requires a certain level of detachment that comes easier with time, practice and coaching. Some times the Universe has brought me something much greater than I was originally thinking–something that not only benefited me, but also benefited many other people at the same time. In my experience, the Law of Attraction often works this way, because the Universe is not just on your side, it is on everyone’s side. It seeks the expansion of all life, not just yours. In fact, the whole process of visualizing wealth can be eased by understanding this point: the Universe is on your side and wants you to succeed–it has to if it is to continue to exist! That’s right folks, nature seeks to expand and grow, to do more and be more. This is true of all life, and it is the underlying principle that governs the Universe as a whole. Without this compulsion toward "constant progress" the Universe would soon cease to exist. Therefore it is critical to the development of the whole (the Universe) that it’s smaller parts (you and I for example) are healthy, fulfilled and growing. Having great wealth is one of the ways we do that. Of course it’s not the only way, but it is no less important than the other ways we expand and grow: intellectually, spiritually, physically or emotionally. Another great tip for visualizing wealth: seek to resonate that you already are a wealthy person. For example, think about this question: Do you look like a wealthy person? If not, why? And it’s not just about wearing expensive clothes (that’s fine, but remember, many wealthy people dress kind of plain–Bill Gates anyone?). The point is you need to look and act exactly like what you think a wealthy person looks like, and much of this is about how you carry yourself, your grooming, your posture, your habits, etc. Get an image in your mind of exactly how you think you would look, act, speak, walk, dress and think if you had the kind of wealth you desire. And then, take action on this vision, by bringing yourself closer to the image you see every single day. You don’t have to try to change everything overnight–just take one step at a time to "be" this person you see in your mind. Your first goal is to look on the outside exactly the same as your idea of what a wealthy person looks like. Your next goal is to think, act and communicate exactly as you think a wealthy person would. Your ultimate goal is to "be" on the outside this same wealthy person you "see" on the inside. Finally, here is a simple quote that is just about the best advice I’ve ever heard for attracting wealth: "To be rich, think about having money all the time–never think about not having money." About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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