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"Pingyi miracle" commemorative postmark is a "freak" – Sohu finance according to media reports, as recorded in Shandong Pingyi gypsum mine, after 36 days of hard work, 4 miners trapped underground eventually rescued the wonders of the world, Shandong post launched a "mine rescue miracle of Pingyi" commemorative postmark, this caused netizens hot. Some users certainly cachet is "a witness" rescue in history, but there are also netizens said that this does not take into account those people still don’t know life and death or have lost loved ones feel". I wonder if this is the postal postmark to commemorate the liberty of the "product", or the local government inspired "crystallization", but throughout the whole mine, only 4 miners were rescued, 13 people are still missing and unaccounted for. This commemorative postmark launched, apparently not, even it can be said to be a desire to do the wedding funeral as "freak". Not bad. "Trapped 4 miners rescued after 36 days" and "for the domestic large diameter drilling rescue", "the world’s first successful third cases", these are worth showing off achievements, is a miracle. But so can not wait to turn a bad thing, do me wrong? Where is the heart? For now, if subsequent resettlement and rehabilitation are still unknown, but a "stamp" at the head, hurriedly let this "mine rescue miracle of Pingyi" commemorative postmark to cover more accidents not only be inopportune or inappropriate, the taste of. Zhang Guodong (clerk) comments on the mailbox: shepingbj@vip.163

“平邑奇迹”纪念邮戳是个“怪胎”-搜狐财经   据媒体报道,为记载发生在山东平邑石膏矿难,经过36天的艰苦奋斗,被困井下的4名矿工终获救的世界奇迹,山东邮政推出了一款“矿山救援 平邑奇迹”纪念邮戳,此事引发网友热议。部分网友肯定纪念邮戳是“救援历史上的一个见证”,但也有网友表示,此举没有顾及到“那些至今还不知生死或已经失去亲人的人们的感受”。  不知这样的纪念邮戳是邮政方面擅自做主的“产物”,还是当地官方授意的“结晶”,但纵观整个矿难,仅有4名矿工获救,目前仍有13人失联,生死未卜。这款纪念邮戳的推出,显然不是时候,甚至简直可以说是个欲把丧事当做喜事办的“怪胎”。  不错。“井下被困36天4名矿工终获救”、“为国内大口径钻孔救援”、“成功首例世界第三例”等,这些都是值得炫耀的成就,也可谓是个救援奇迹。但如此迫不及待把坏事变好事,于心何忍?用心何在?  就目前而言,如果后续的安置和善后还都是未知数,却一“戳”当先,急匆匆地让这款“矿山救援 平邑奇迹”纪念邮戳招摇过市,不仅不合时宜,更有盖过事故本身的味道。  张国栋(职员)  评论投稿信箱 shepingbj@vip.163相关的主题文章:

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