Photos good! The stars as Shirley Dai’s daughter, Bairi (video) ca1477

Photos: good! The stars as Shirley Dai’s daughter Shirley Dai when he Bairi mother child go through the wedding Tencent full moon entertainment news recently, actress Shirley Dai for their daughter Ann Yan held a very unique hundred days feast. "Yan" are almost the entire entertainment concern, among them, Tsung-Han Lee, Yue Yueli, Xu Rongzhen, Wang Guan, Zhu Zhen, Yan Xiaopin and other stars to the scene is more elders expressed an Xin small princess wishes, enough to see Shirley Dai in the circle of good. As the saying goes: "Rome was not built in a day, in the entertainment circle good dragons and fishes jumbled together, also rely on beauty products and art long accumulated. For nearly 20 years, wearing a "drama queen" label Shirley Dai is never tired of shooting a lot of works, played some impressive role, but she remained steadfast for not impetuous character, not forget the early heart, focus on career deep, so each of her friends the evaluation is praised canada. A hundred days feast, Yue Yueli teacher said: "in the entertainment industry, I should be playing her father up to that person, this life can play so many times her father, I am very proud of." As a friend for many years, Tsung-Han Lee is a joke to say, such as the words of 10 years of Shirley Dai. A good tutor to keep out a cute and good girl, and the girl is trying to be a good mother qualified qualified. In the happy hundred days feast, Shirley Dai referred to the upbringing of their parents, but could not stop the tears of gratitude, "thank you, my mom and Dad, thank you for giving me life, because of the lack of a material in that era, it is hard for me to imagine how you brought me up. I am not what heroic utterance, or a word, you the rest of my life please give me, I will try all the power to take care of yourself, take good care of an xin."相关的主题文章:

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