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Oral: wife extramarital two home, after learning the truth, I Xinrudaoge recently for a period of time, often a person sitting in a park lake, occasionally looked at some young man walked by, very envious of them, can not return to the youth. I am a traditional and introverted man, in addition to work on weekdays, just like fishing. My wife and I are just the opposite, cheerful personality, love to make friends and have a bunch of friends of Ma and friends. Last month, there are two men because I knew his wife strike violently and unexpectedly deceive I have two homes in marriage. After learning the truth, I really collapse, the heart has to die. Finally, my parents, my parents plead for her daughter to intercede, wife snivel, led me to forgive. Insomnia after the incident, I was delirious, all night, cause I’m wasting more than and 10 pounds, and the hair started to fall out. Has been comforting himself: even for the sake of her daughter, but also to the marriage in the end, but I really do not happy. Would like to ask, how in the absence of divorce, how to maximize my happiness? Muzi Li Da asks the reader: tell you a tragic thing for me is: I just graduated from the University of the will, go to work, Grandpa’s city is plainly, while working side serve grandpa. After living with his grandfather for two years, he died of stomach cancer, and was ineffective. At that time, I cried very sad, and in order to mourning, three days and nights without sleep, then don’t know trapped. In the six months after the death of my grandfather, I have been unhappy, and often appear in the dream and grandpa’s daily life scenes. This sad hold half a year later, I gradually came out. Return to your marriage: your wife derailed, for you, is now the most tragic thing, during the healing process is time consuming. The pain can not say you want to erase, you can immediately erase. So, now you tangle is normal emotional performance. Maybe you will think about divorce at some point, but you do not want to live up to your parents, your parents, your daughter’s vision. Life may be like this: always at some point, encounter some unpleasant things, but they have to face. The character may lead to relieved, you won’t find a better way to vent, cause you often a person in the lake in a daze. At this time, the marriage all inevitably appears in your mind, and with all of you make blind and disorderly conjectures. Want to say is that time is sometimes very magical, it may not completely erase some memories for us, but it will make matters that have become less important. Derailed, would bring harm to the marriage, and even with the collapse of confidence, therefore, the worry about personal gains and losses, after derailed things give you advice including: 1) on a trip. The meaning of travel and is not only to look at the scenery, also can let you change the mood; 2) to do something to make yourself happy, and try to make myself busy, the only way to avoid some unnecessary) to listen to some of their make blind and disorderly conjectures; 3 love songs, to release their own)相关的主题文章:

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