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Oliva talk about Liu hi drama creation: multiple art paper Achille Bonito Oliva – Bonituo Jilai Oliva (Italy) Note: the Jilai – Bonituo Oliva Liu hi Exhibition "sky drama" < > academic seminar speech a thing is not to copy it simply copy all the things, but, obviously, this is not all an idea exists in our consciousness, the real copy is just a thought: from the perspective of realism more accurately defined as idealism may not be a fallacy. (from Ortega? Ortega gassett Iran Iraq??? – Department of the famous Spanish philosopher gasser) we can use this to the definition of Liu Dahai’s creation, he deposited to achieve a picture image like many style and mixed style, completely beyond any arrogance so beyond any kind of idealism form. Liu Dahai hybrid linguistic and style in the eclecticism on both sides of hesitation, he instructed and realized that "language Yuan drama", and therefore the sensitivity of a post modern. Liu Dahai uses this weapon to keep away from all traces of idealism and all reality, as well as the identification of language. Surrealism, cubism, futurism, Dadaism, pop art and abstract art until the expressionist movement return, also must be mentioned on the concept of space is the Oriental Express, all of these are followed, in which the artist has established its own production skills. All this eventually led to the return of the absurd, guided by such a fierce style, that is, to follow and regain the face of Chinese opera. The powerful reproduction of language becomes a weapon in order to be able to traverse all the fields of image science, to the history of art, to the history of clothing and journalism. So there is a frequent use of the image of the Buddha and from the traditional common seal and cross the emergence of bureaucracy is the identification of objects or individuals. It is the words quoted in the works and is mixed in the collision under the collective imagination of the two of this Convention before the birth of the image. The collective imagination is a paradox of the filter, through which the artist secretly search various possible language, where he seems to have abandoned his personal perspective on the very shallow and eye-catching mark in a museum (here refers to Liu Dahai cited by Emperor Qianlong’s vulgar chapter — he doesn’t). The limit of time and region to collect various styles. At this time, Liu Dahai was on the spoiler "Convention", to create a resulting in collision between distant and alternate language visual channel (here refers to the history of the image of the distant should be quoted, alternating should refer to the modern and ancient seal alternate references – annotation). In ancient times only for certain occasions of elegant culture collections he created a very clear and strong sense of disorder and eliminate the sense of distance between these juxtaposed symbols. The artist’s eyes see and make choices and find solutions. He passed a statistical perspective.相关的主题文章:

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