Old lawyer looking for Hainan folk scattered jade treasures thinkpad s230u

The old lawyer looking for Hainan folk scattered ancient jade treasures Chen Zuofa collection of Hongshan Culture jade. Chen Zuofa white jade. Chen Zuofa white jade. Wen trainee reporter   Guo Chang   Hainan Daily reporter   Liu Gong, a lawyer, is also a collection of ancient jade and ceramic enthusiasts of the. In nearly 40 years, he has collected hundreds of pieces of ancient jade. With the jade line to describe Chen Zuofa’s life, and then appropriate but. Chen Zuofa said, "jade will not disappear, only temporarily" sleeping "in folk. "Every collection seems to tell an old story. And this story, only you resonate with it."   come to find Chen Zuofa, see is over sixty years old mr.. He casually took dozens of pieces of ancient jade, one by one in his partner law firm conference table. The appreciation of a look up, be startled at how there are so many, Hainan baby? Chen Zuofa’s face is still humble and gentle smile, not anxious not to promote tone, who talked about him and jade love. The scene is reminiscent of the "gentleman of the old Peter Yu". The ancient heritage and jade   affinity 1978, 26 year old Chen Zuofa, Tainan Guangdong Qiongshan County People’s commune, deputy director of the Committee of red east management area, responsible for helping the various components of the people to implement the policy back to the city, also met a former Kuomintang Colonel named Huang Qingfu. "At that time, just after the cultural revolution, Huang Qingfu’s relatives came up from the countryside of Wenchang, saying that they had brought some jade to sell. I’ll say it to me." Chen Zuofa recalled, he took Huang Qingfu to the East Gate junk shop, please identify the price to 5 yuan to 10 yuan, a number of these ten pieces of buying. "It took me three months to get paid!" Chen Zuofa said. Although the general family, but grew up in the Qiongzhou Tainan City, how many have seen some personal collections, also received some ancient coins. He said: roots in the ancient city, naturally, will be ancient coins, ancient jade attracted by the traditional charm." After all, jade coins are expensive. Chen Zuofa began to search for information, to find out what these ancient jade name, from where, how to Hainan. This one will get out of hand, and forged a deep fate from jade. I began to collect jade, Chen Zuofa is keen to travel the countryside of Hainan folk village, scattered in the ancient jade. Haikou East Gate market, a treasure in a downtown paradise, Chen Zuofa is the most common place. How to identify a piece of jade, Chen Zuofa do not have experience, jade, pay attention to look at people, look at the goods. We must first understand the sell jade jade source, whether he has a collection of genuine channels." With the jade line to describe Chen Zuofa’s life, and then appropriate but. Collection of ancient jade people is delicate, as the "Book of Songs" said: "there is a gentleman, polish, such as cut, such as grinding." Over the years, Chen Zuofa has always been able to precipitate his own painstaking study of ancient jade, and constantly explore the folk jade in Hainan. "Too much collection, will not consider selling some of the ancient jade?" In the face of everyone’s photo相关的主题文章:

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