Ochoa invited Sai Ernst to win the 54 hole leader Yan cyanine slipped to T14 660003

Ochoa invited Sai Ernst to win the 54 hole leader Yan cyanine slipped to T14 Ernst shock LPGA second crown sina sports news Beijing time on November 13th, the American players Austen – Ernst (Austin Ernst) continuous hit second 67 bar in Mexico Saturday, par 5, LPGA Ochoa Invitational (Lorena Ochoa Invitational) third leading. Chinese girl Yan Jing slipped from seventh to the fourteenth place. [details] Ernst played 72 shots after the opening, in the Mexico golf club for two consecutive rounds of non bogey performance. "My number one wood has been playing well, I got a lot of little opportunity," Ernst said, "this week, I got a lot of opportunities to catch a bird, so even if I am not all opportunities to grasp, like today, I still caught 5 birds. So I’ve made the ball easier. In this case, even if I’m not very sure, Miss Green, I still will not have too much of the hard rod poupa." The 24 year old made the only LPGA win in the 2014 Portland elite. For the past two weeks, she has not competed. "Over the past two weeks, all the things I’ve trained, I’ve definitely shown them as I wanted, and I’m happy to see that," said Ernst. The United States of the three rounds of 206 players score, lower than the standard pole of 10, ahead of a pole. Australia’s Sara – Jean Smith (Sarah Jane Smith) won the second round lead, but today shot 72, fell down, and Spain’s Ciganda (Carlota Ciganda, Carlotta – 68 bar) tied in second place. "Most of the time I feel very nervous today," said Smith. "It’s a place I’ve never been before. I wouldn’t say I did well, but I saved it well, so let me greet tomorrow with confidence." Last month, Xigandagang breakthrough in South Korea, in the Hana Bank Championship achieved victory in the first LPGA. "If you come from Asia, it is tough, but I return to Spain to rest for a week," the Spanish girl said, "a little but I think fatigued by a long journey from Spain, come from Asia, rather than over, that is 12, 13 hours of flight. I feel good, I look forward to tomorrow." Yan Jing slipped a great pity, Shanghai girl Yan Jing in the ten hole, hit 3 bogey, finally hand over 73, higher than the Par 1, its ranking fell to tied fourteenth, three score of 212 bar, par 4. American star Angela (Angela Stanford) – Stamford in 2008 won the inaugural event in the Guadalajara country club. She shot 69, and Karen Yin (Karine Icher, 70 Bar Blues) and Xu Meizhen (71 bar) tied)相关的主题文章:

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