Ningbo man driving distracted look big windmill out of the car winding road remonstrate

Ningbo man driving distracted look big windmill out of the car in the vicinity of the winding road recently, Tang Xi Zhen Da Ling wind turbine on the mountain, a pair of young men and women driving play, accidentally drove out of subgrade, slipping, but caused no injuries. The causes for the accidents, was driving the man surnamed Xu looked up a windmill eye touch the sky. The day before yesterday morning, DASONG the traffic police squadron of police on duty received the parties for help, said Tang Xi Zhen Da Ling near the wind turbine section, a driving slide slopes, request rescue. There are more than and 30 wind turbines in the mountainous area, the distribution range is large, and the road conditions are complicated. Because of the communication signal from time to time, with the heavy fog, the police in the understanding about the position, only one road intermittently as a reminder car alarm, found the scene in the final 5 wind turbine peak. I saw a white car on the steep side of the steep slope, it seems that due to the speed is not fast, coupled with dense shrubs on the hillside, the vehicle did not continue to decline. Xu told police the man driving the car, he often saw the scenery near the big Tang Xi Ling wind turbine is very good on the Internet, so early in the morning and drove his girlfriend from the side streets of the town came and wanted to see what the scenery. Do not want to enter, in the No. 5 wind turbine hill area, looked up to touch the sky about a large windmill, not be able to control the direction, car slipping out of subgrade. Subsequently, the two men climbed out the car, because of poor communication signal, so the police found at the scene, has been in the past more than an hour. Peak temperature is low, Xu told the police about the relevant circumstances, have been frozen to talk to knot. In order to avoid the parties affected by the wind, the first step to reach the Tangxi town police station two police will be sent down, and contacted the rescue units of vehicles waiting for rescue. Reporters learned from the local traffic police department, since the wind turbines around the mountain road is completed, there have been 5 vehicles falling slope incident. To this end, the local traffic police, highways and other departments in the early after the completion of the road, set to prohibit the popular symbol of the vehicle and the related announcement, in addition to wind power generator maintenance vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed into the road. If people want to watch the scenery, the vehicle can be parked at the foot of the mountain area of safe parking, it is recommended to go up the mountain to play, do not drive up the mountain, in order to avoid the occurrence of similar accidents. Reporter correspondent Yu Xianfeng Zhu Yiqiong相关的主题文章:

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