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Neighbor uncle: dove rental housing difficult to raise the pigeon cage by this company can not blame me – Beijing Yang uncle built on the window sill. Huaxi community newspaper reporter Peng Rong photography reported 76 year old uncle Wu Zhongxian in Chenghua District Shuangqiao Road an old district has set a house. Wu uncle said he lived in the old house for nearly 15 years, because his wife died, his son took over the past 3 years ago. The house has been empty for 3 years, has not been able to rent out, because the next door neighbor in the home on the windowsill dove, the impact on the surrounding environment. In October 28th, Wu ye find neighbors, neighbors don’t have hope dove talks failed, old neighbor part. Uncle neighbors raised by the smell of the hair to mention the small area of the neighbor Yang Jinhua raised the issue of dove, in addition to uncle Wu Zhongxian is not satisfied with the surrounding neighbors have said. "We are living here more than and 10 years old neighbor, have been advised not to raise Yang dove, but he didn’t listen." The district seventy Zhang aunt aunt said, uncle Yang started to raise about dove in five years ago, initially only a few, and later evolved to now only fifty or sixty. Zhang aunt said she lived in the house of Uncle Yang upstairs, all year round dare not open the window, because the smell is too large, and pigeon hair will fly into the house at any time. Before washing clothes drying on the balcony, less than a day, clothes are full of dove hair." Zhang aunt said that from the beginning of 2012, his home is not how to open the window, the first is to prevent the hair, and the other is to prevent odor, especially in the summer, the greater the taste." Zhang aunt said that he and other neighbors have advised Yang uncle do not raise dove, but Yang uncle do not listen, because we are more than ten years old neighbors, it is not good to argue, had to bear their own windows. The Wu Zhongxian family lived next door to Uncle Yang home, do not have to install the fence, home by dove greater distress, "move out before I try to understand your hobby, after all, older, have also raised hopes no ground for blame dove." Wu uncle said, I did not expect to move out of their own, Yang uncle raised the impact of surrounding life is still very serious dove neighbors. October 29th, we see in the old house of Uncle Wu, the family is still floating pigeons hair, and taste larger. The old room to rent a set of 800 yuan is still not rented out Uncle Wu said that he moved out in 2013, the house will go out to rent, but until now, the house did not rent out. In fact, every year a lot of people see the house, my old house to maintain good position is also very good, but the tenant entered the yard, saw the door has raised a lot of dove, with dove and fecal odor, immediately do not want to rent." Uncle Wu said. Because there is no tenant willing to rent their own house, after the National Day this year, Wu uncle and his son will discuss the old house price rental, I hope someone can take over. But a month later, the house is still looking at the house next door because dove is not willing to rent. "At the market price, I can rent the house at least 1200 yuan or so, we specifically down to $800, but also package furniture, have not been able to find people who are willing to rent it." Uncle Wu said, precisely because of this, he will be in October 28th the same day, find again.相关的主题文章:

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