My Protea Gave A New Start To My Life A Story Of Success-jodie foster

Business It was a stunning sunny day – like most days in Cape Town. Sem had already gone for his morning jog and was now sipping coffee and sitting peacefully in contemplation. This afternoon he would meet his potential future business partners from his motherland Ukraine. By tradition, Sem met with his partners in his garden. This was for the very good reason that his business was based here; Sem was in the business of selling flowers. The time came for him to meet his guests. He was relaxed and extremely eager to make a good impression on them. Smiling like a Cheshire cat, Sem knew very well that an exclusive holiday in Cape Town was simply unforgettable and a great opportunity to delight his partners. "Wel.e, my friends, just have a look at this beauty! I have so many delights to show you in my garden!" The countless flowers, bordered with fresh lawns and pathways, occupied no less than a hectare. Flowers were everywhere – flanked by splendid colonnades and balustrades; vivid turrets proudly pointed towards the heavens, and the splendid flowers were amazing sights to behold with their blazing colours, unusual shapes and dense, drunken aromas. "Here is my secret: the protea" – Sem walked them over to an unusual looking plant. Inside several of the heads, there were what appeared to be gigantic sunflowers, live bottle brushes, sharp thistles or luscious asparagus. Strangely enough, not one of the flowers was the same, but the colours that emanated were amazing! Sem lovingly touched the leathery, silvery-rose coloured petals of the regal protea and with excited animation said to his guests: "The south african flower protea, my dear collegues, is a symbol of our collaboration. Without any doubts, there are other flowers that are also worth importing to our land. But I must bring your attention to these in particular. By the way, protea in some way represents national symbol of South Africa; the others are also important though. Look at these flowers" – the guests looked round, intently focussing their attention on the rich forms and inhaling the deep-scented aromas. "These flowers are beautifully imported from the land where tulips grow!; moreover, proteas can be used even as dried flowers. But they are so unusual you may say. Well of course they are, but this is the advantage of them! And, my dear friends, they are even more abundant in our land!" I expect you have already begun to get bored with the .mon rose or camomile. Exotic flowers can be given to anyone. They make wonderfully unusual presents which will stick in anyone’s memory; these flowers are enough to win over even the most sophisticated and prim connoisseurs in an instant. But why am I telling you this? These wonderful flowers speak for themselves!" At that, the wonderful proteas, full of honey sweetness and aroma, jingled against the intense colours of the sunset and the blazing sunshine that warmed all Africa. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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