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"My holy way" Busan screening force like   to an hillshade Festival – Heilongjiang channel: original title: "force my way" to praise Busan, St. Ann mountain section of the twenty-first Busan International Film Festival in South Korea in Busan Sheng potential. Yesterday (October 8th), and co Productions "finalists invited screenings of my holy way" open Busan station first block English version to see the film screen, starring nuobu, Xia Tao appeared together a lot of thorium, attracted a large number of fans attention, Anshan International Film Festival Executive Committee Zhang also personally screenings will join?. The mysterious old picture, the twists and turns of the story and the growth of human nature, called for peace theme perfect fusion, get audience praise. After the meeting, Zhang? On the film’s artistic value and appreciate the value judgment, and send out tenth Anshan Evergreen International Film Festival Competition unit will invite overseas, set off the climax of screenings will. Busan, viewing boom national temperament comments from "my holy way" by the Liangshan cultural radio and television media group limited, Canada Dragon International Film Company Haisheng CO produced, Emei film group issued, the famous director Zhang Li, tells the story of a young Yi Bimo (inheritors of the priests, Yi culture and History) sabadilla Iraq (knov thorium Xia ornaments) after human baptism and clan warfare, a way to find the ideal white sacred story. Previously, the film had been harvested in the screening unit of Montreal International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and the Golden Rooster flowers China International Film Festival are highlighted. The "my holy journey" appeared at the Busan International Film Festival, the magnificent picture of the film caused amazing sound, and promoted the national upsurge swept the whole audience. Many of the audience to see the film, the mysterious ancient Yi tribe had a strong interest in, and to take a lot of photos, Tao knov thorium, starring in the film also generous giving fans ethnic jewelry. The audience interviewed by reporters expressed their own experience of watching film: "from the picture, it is really magnificent, let me have a strong curiosity about the beauty of China."." There are also audience said: "the film with a character’s growth, reflecting the emergence of everyone in the right, emotional changes in these areas, and then from the tribal struggle climax climax to call for peace in the world theme, people look thrilling!" (Li Zhongshuang, commissioning editor Ding Yang) original title: "force my way" to praise Busan, St. Ann mountain section mountain festival of humanistic spirit in the solicitation Yang interaction after the end of the show, a lot of pottery, sipping knov thorium was invited to make a detailed exposition of the film, the film reveals human nature, the pursuit of peace the theme of the humanities, windfall Anshan International Film Festival Executive Committee Zhang? Site issued by the tenth Anshan Evergreen International Film Festival Competition unit overseas entry invitation, harvest audience applause. Anshan Evergreen International Film Festival in South Korea in 2006 the first as a starting point, South Korea held in Gyeonggi Do Anshan mid October each year. The film festival is a Korean Film Association, based on the global multi-ethnic culture themed film, divided into long and short film competition form of film festival. This mount Ann E) 《我的圣途》釜山展映受力赞 获邀安山影节–黑龙江频道–人民网 原标题:《我的圣途》釜山展映受力赞 获邀安山影节   第21届釜山国际电影节正在韩国釜山盛势进行中。昨日(10月8日),入围特邀展映的中加合拍片《我的圣途》开启釜山站首块英文版看片银幕,主演诺布钍呷、陶多多携手亮相,吸引了大批影迷关注,安山国际电影节执行委员张可?也亲自捧场展映会。神秘古老的画面、曲折委婉的故事和人性成长、呼吁和平的主题完美融合,获得观众力赞。会后,张可?对该片的艺术价值和欣赏价值做出评判,并现场发出第10届安山Evergreen国际电影节海外竞赛单元的参赛邀请,掀起了展映会的高潮。   釜山展映观影热潮 民族气质好评高   《我的圣途》由凉山文化广播影视传媒集团有限公司、加拿大巨龙海升国际影业公司联合出品,峨眉电影集团发行,著名导演张蠡执导,讲述一个彝族青年毕摩(祭司,彝族文化与历史的传承者)沙马达伊(诺布钍呷饰)历经人性洗礼和部族战争,一路寻找理想中白色圣地的故事。此前,该片曾在蒙特利尔国际电影节、威尼斯电影节和中国金鸡百花国际电影节的展映单元均收获力捧。此次《我的圣途》亮相釜山国际电影节,波澜壮阔的影片画面引发惊叹声不断,推动民族热潮席卷全场。   不少观众看片后,对神秘复古的彝族部落产生了浓厚的兴趣,争相和诺布钍呷、陶多多合影,主演也大方赠送影迷片中的民族饰品。有观众接受记者采访,表达了自己的看片体验:“从画面上看,真的非常恢弘壮丽,让我对中国的美景产生了强烈的好奇心。”还有观众表示:“影片用一个人物的成长,反映出现实中每个人在权利、情感这些方面的蜕变,后来从部族争斗的情节高潮中升华到呼吁和平的世界主题,让人看得惊心动魄!” (责编:李忠双、丁洋) 原标题:《我的圣途》釜山展映受力赞 获邀安山影节   安山影节现场邀约 人文主义扬国魂   在展映结束后的互动环节,诺布钍呷、陶多多受邀上台对影片做出详解,阐述影片揭露人性、追求和平的人文主题,意外收获安山国际电影节执行委员张可?现场发出的第10届安山Evergreen国际电影节海外竞赛单元的参赛邀请,收获台下掌声不断。韩国安山Evergreen国际电影节以2006年第一届为起点,每年10月中旬在韩国京畿道安山举行。该电影节是韩国安山市电影协会以全球多民族文化为主题的电影为主,分为长、短篇电影竞赛形式的电影节。本届安山Evergreen国际电影节围绕“魂、梦、爱”三大方面,弘扬多民族文化、社会教育和人文主义,目前已在全世界范围内征集了100多篇长篇电影及300余篇短篇电影。   张可?在观赏了《我的圣途》釜山VIP展映后,和女主角阿几的扮演者陶多多用英文进行了短暂的交谈,大赞主演“人美戏好”,并认为此电影与安山国际电影节主题一致,现场向电影制作方提出了出品提议,请求制作方加紧完成韩文字幕的制作,以特邀作品参加本届安山国际电影节。张可?表示:“中国文化纷繁多样,历史深厚,但以中国少数民族视角解读的影片却非常少见。《我的圣途》以小人群的传统生活,借助美丽感人的爱情故事,将人性自由、追求和平等人类共同遵循的文明价值观表达得淋漓尽致,具有很强的艺术价值和欣赏价值,非常契合本届安山电影节的主题。”现场见证这一喜讯的影迷们也纷纷送上祝福,合影留念。目前,该片已定档11月3日,于中国各大影院正式上映。 (责编:李忠双、丁洋)相关的主题文章:

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