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Cycling If you want to get into a fun sport that will allow you to get plenty of exercise, get into shape, and offer you challenges that you wont find elsewhere all while enjoying an abundance of nature – you might want to start thinking about mountain bikes. Mountain biking is a popular sport that has been around for numerous years, but recently, with the new technology that goes into the manufacturing of todays mountain bikes, there seems to be a new interest in this sport. If the sport of mountain biking isnt something that you know a lot about, you may have the wrong idea about the sport. Youve seen the mountain bikers on the television sports channels jumping obstacles and racing down dirt trails and racing is one aspect of mountain biking. However, racing is not required. In fact, most mountain bikers dont race at all. Mountain biking for most people can be .pared to hiking. The point is to get out, get exercise, and experience nature. Yes, there will be obstacles to maneuver around on them more advanced trails, but many people are just out for the pleasure of riding in nature just like hikers are out to enjoy the walk and the nature. Some mountain bikers are leisurely riders. Some like the challenges that they face out on the trails but they arent in any hurry. Others like both the challenges and the racing! The path you choose is up to you. With this new light on the sport of mountain biking, you may now be interested in getting involved in this sport. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you just want to get more exercise. Then again, maybe you like the thought of enjoying nature, but you arent big on walking, and prefer to ride. No matter what your reasons for your interest are, you will definitely need a mountain bike finding a place to ride it is the easy part. As a beginner, you really wont have any idea what you need in the way of a mountain bike. Therefore, it is in your best interest to buy a very basic, yet sturdy, mountain bike that can be upgraded at a later date. Visit your local bike dealer, and talk to them. Let them know that you are just starting out, and that you want a basic bike that you can upgrade later. If they try to sell you something expensive more than $500 walk away and visit a different store. You might also consider purchasing a used bike from a private individual. Used bikes can be found online, through the printed classifieds, and even through bike dealers. Look around your area and online to see what is available. Before making a purchase, it is always a good idea to talk to other mountain bikers. Ask them what bike they started with, and what they would suggest for you. The best information you will find will .e from the people who are already deeply into the sport. Once youve made a purchase, you need to find a place to ride. Are there any state parks or national forests in your area? Are there wooded areas that arent fenced off? These are ideal places to ride. However, you should never ride on private property without permission. If you cant think of any place that might have bike trails, do a little research online. Type in bike trails in Alabama or mountain bike trails in Ge.ia or whatever state you live in into the search box of any search engine, and you will find quite a bit of information! Look for sites that offer reviews of bike trails that you want to visit. These reviews will save you a lot of time, and help you avoid the trails that either arent worth your time, or arent suited to your skill level. Reading is actually a big part of mountain biking if you are a beginner! You should also consider purchasing a few mountain bikes videos. These videos will help you learn the basics before you set off on a trail! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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