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Chen Baosheng, Minister of education to pay tribute to the teaching model – Sohu education in September 8th, the eve of the thirty-second teachers’ day, the 10 in the country in 2016 to win the education of teachers to participate in the Ministry of education. At 9 in the morning, the party secretary of the Ministry of education, Minister Chen Baosheng and Party members of the Ministry of education, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Liu Limin walked into the conference room, while shaking hands with the 10 teachers, while expressing their greetings to the festival. To further promote the good social atmosphere of respecting teachers, in recognition of the advanced deeds of outstanding teachers, since 2010, the Ministry of education in conjunction with the central media each year to organize the national teaching model selection activities. This year, the selection of the 10 national teaching model, covering the pre-school education, basic education, higher education, vocational education, special education and other fields. "My name is red tour, 54 years old this year, Beijing is now Fengtai District second kindergarten, this year has been 35 years engaged in preschool education." But look forty years old tour red mouth, then drew bursts of wonder. "54 years old? Not like ah! The teacher is a young career, forever young!" Chen Baosheng praised the way. How to swim from the red with a 4 year old boy to insert the game through a small example to speak up, explain the reflection of education in the practice of their students from the educational needs of thought way, management need wisdom springs, need to move the power of dreams, feelings of home business needs. "Good! You already have your own philosophy of education!" Chen Baosheng encouraged. Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity professor Li Tianlai was about to speak, Liu Limin could not chipped, "7 in the morning on the way to work, on the radio to hear your story." No not thrilling, Li Tianlai heroic utterance, the understanding of education with their own experience, simple and touching. He said, as a teacher, we must bear in mind that their sacred profession, teaching and educating people." Jiangxi County of Fengxin city of Yichun Province under the bath Zhen Bai Yang teachers support when still clearly remember, 19 years old, she is how regardless of the opposition of the mother, alone from a county bus ride around more than and 100 kilometers of mountain road, then walk 20 miles of rugged mountain road is located in the Glen came to school. From the eyes of the students "a sister" and "a mother", and then to today’s "a grandma, 2012, with two generations of Shanliwa growth when a blind in one eye of the case, once again gave up out of mountain of opportunity. She said: "my husband asked me what plans, I was a teacher of the people, or a member of the Communist Party, the education I need, if everyone wants to run out of the mountains, the mountains children who come to education?" At the forum, Liu Wenting, Liu Litian, Wang Hong fondly tells the story of his occupation ideal pursuit and persistence, Yu Cheng, Lin Dong Mei, Xu Hua, He Li as a vivid interpretation of the love and responsibility of teachers, 10 teaching model of the truth about students, full of love for education. "After listening to everyone’s speech, you have a more in-depth understanding of the advanced deeds of your model, you have unlimited loyalty to the cause of education and persistent pursuit, shocking, moving..相关的主题文章:

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