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UnCategorized Being unfaithful after age of 40 is believed to be a symptom of midlife crisis. There are two very large populated studies about this matter. One of them says that 10% of people experience this crisis while other one says that percentage is 15%. Here is what I understand of these studies: Only 10 to 15% of people who cheat on their spouses get caught. Dating married is so .mon that there are many web sites only for married people to find their forbidden love. However it really is a good excuse. When you are caught you can easily say that you are in a midlife crisis and didn’t know what you were doing. The doctors may even prescribe some cool drugs to ease your crisis. If you get caught in an early age like 30’s you can use the excuse of early midlife crisis. Yes, there really is something like that but I don’t think more than 2% experience this crisis. I think you know what mean. To have an early midlife crisis around the age 30, one must either be very unlucky or (excuse me but I will say it) very stupid. In Japan and India, there is nothing like midlife crisis. Therefore the scientists believe that this is a sociological problem rather than psychological. There can also be a better explanation. The Japanese and Indians may be more intelligent than the men of the western world. There is a slight possibility of their being more faithful but I don’t believe that because men are men wherever they live. Maybe women living in those countries ignore some small imperfections in their marriages better than western wives. Now when we say cheating everybody understands what we are talking about. When we say adultery everyone starts to think what we meant by that word. They are the same thing, people; please keep your excuses to your spouses. I was reading about some cases about adultery. In the court when asked if she knew what adultery was a woman answered that it was to have children from a man who is not your husband. Beautiful! Play around as you like. If you don’t have children it is not adultery. There is also a survey about the subject. Some Americans believe that it is not adultery if it is not .mitted in the night. As long as the sun shines they do whatever they like without feeling any guilt. His wife tells the man, "I saw you kissing Betty, what does this mean?" The man answers, "It doesn’t count, look the sun is still up. Morning is mine nights are yours." I want to go and live where they live. This one is also taken from a court of law. A man claimed that it can’t be counted as adultery because the woman in question was older than 50. What? Yes. "I didn’t like it very much, so it doesn’t count." Man, why did you do it in the first place? As a favor? Out of pity? Dating married is a wide area and we can write millions of things about the subject. Here is the heart of it: If you get caught, for God’s sake don’t say "she was blond, it doesn’t count." Just say that you are very sorry and you were in midlife crisis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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