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Microsoft led Apple external keyboard tablet sales surge Zhongguancun online news: according to the Internet data center IDC tablet computer shipments estimated decreased by 14% during the fourth quarter, but the tablet computer shipments split keyboard has more than doubled, about 8 million 100 thousand units, accounting for about 12% of the entire market according to the. Some analysts believe that some consumers take tablet computers as substitutes for PC machines, and are willing to pay a lot of money for that.   Microsoft Apple led   external keyboard tablet sales surge reported that this benefit from Microsoft Surface Tablet PC (most Pro Series) shipments of 1 million 600 thousand units, while Apple’s iPad  Pro in the listing of this quarter shipments of 2 million units. Microsoft led apple   external keyboard tablet sales surge though some experts say, but that doesn’t mean that the tablet computer that wants to succeed must remove this feature, IDC said some low-end tablet computer performance is also extremely prominent, such as Amazon’s $50 Fire tablet, and various types of HUAWEI or Lenovo tablet computer. However, Samsung and other manufacturers trying to enter the market with detachable keyboard tablet computer also be not at all surprising, it is not only a growing market, and potentially greater profitability — even though the tablet computer market has been reduced, you can still benefit from. 微软苹果领衔 外接键盘平板销量暴增   中关村在线消息:据互联网数据中心IDC估计第四季度平板电脑发货量同比降低了14%,但可拆分键盘的平板电脑发货量却翻了一倍以上,大约810万台,大约占据了整个市场的12%。由此一些分析师认为一些消费者把平板电脑当做PC机的取代品,且愿意为此支付不菲的费用。  微软苹果领衔 外接键盘平板销量暴增   报告称这得益于微软Surface平板电脑(大多数是Pro系列)的发货量为160万台,而苹果的iPad Pro在上市的这一季度发货量为200万台。 微软苹果领衔 外接键盘平板销量暴增   虽然是这样一些专家人为,但这并不能说平板电脑想要获得成功必须具备可拆卸这一特征,IDC表示有些低端平板电脑表现也异常突出,例如亚马逊50美元的 Fire平板,以及华为或者联想各种型号的平板电脑。然而,三星以及其他厂商试图进入具有可拆分键盘的平板电脑市场也不足为奇,它不仅是个日益发展壮大的 市场,且潜在的具有更大的盈利性――即使平板电脑市场有所缩减,你能仍从中获益。相关的主题文章:

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