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Men spend 160 thousand to buy a NISSAN Teana car when 3 months do not see the certificate – Beijing in May, Dongling road Liaoning Fengshen Automobile Sales Co., the company spent 160 thousand yuan to buy a NISSAN Teana ready to do "eleven" marriage marriage contract, 30-35 days send car certificate, but the blink of an eye 3 months later, the certificate is still delayed. Yesterday, the public Mr. Sun to the Shenyang Evening News Hotline 96009-1 help, I hope the 4S shop to send the certificate as soon as possible. Complaints: buy a car in May still do not give the certificate in May 21st this year, Mr. Sun bought a NISSAN Teana sedan in Dongling road Liaoning Fengshen Automobile Sales Co. ltd.. 35 days later, when Mr. Sun came to the 4S store to get a certificate, the staff told him to pay off at the end of 7. Wait until August 27th, when Mr. Sun contact with the 4S store forensics, the other party told him again, the certificate must wait until September to send. "Eleven I got married, and in September can not get the certificate is unknown, I can not believe them." Site: beg for certificate not an accident yesterday afternoon, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter, accompanied by Mr. Sun came to the 4S shop. Mr. Sun pointed to parked on the side of the car, said his car has applied for a three temporary license, can not apply for. "Now the car is a big toy." In the 4S shop in the hospital parking lot, the reporter encountered the same as the certificate from the Heilongjiang guo. He told reporters, I was in July to buy, in accordance with the contract, but also should get the certificate, but they can not give." Mr. Guo said, compared with the local work in Shenyang, Mr. Sun, he came from Heilongjiang to Shenyang is not easy. In the 4S store, a person claiming to be the head of the exhibition hall, Huang admitted that the certificate is not Mr. Sun alone, but the specific number can not be said. In a discussion to Mr. Sun joined the certificate of WeChat group, a total of 132 people. 4S shop: "certificate mortgaged to the bank for the" certificate of why not, Huang explained that the 4S shop owner certificate mortgaged to the bank for a loan, but recently a sum of 60 million loans not, resulting in the certificate to get it back. Huang said that his superiors promised in September 5th to give mr.. Before the commitment is not the top leadership commitment, are the following commitment, so this is not the same." But Huang said at the same time, he can not guarantee that Mr. Sun will be able to get a certificate in September 5th, it is only a commitment to leadership. If you want to withdraw all the money can also be a car, but have to go through the legal way, how the law on how to compensate." In this regard, Mr. Sun said, although the legal way to win, but at least one year of the process, the cost of rights is too high. Lawyer: 4S shop to conceal the mortgage certificate for vice president, fraud Lawyers Association of Liaoning province Beijing Dacheng (Shenyang) law office director Sun Changjiang said that if the 4S shop in the sales car know certificate mortgaged to the bank and is unable to retrieve, but still rather相关的主题文章:

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