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Careers-Employment Traditionally before the groom committed to one women, the boys took him out for one last night of fun and freedom. As times changed, women werent satisfied with just having a bridal shower before their wedding day and bachelorette parties started being planned. Today it is customary for both the bachelor and the bachelorette to have a party planned for them. Some are planned as Jack and Jill parties where both parties are combined. Both men and women want to remember their bachelor and bachelorette parties that were planned for them. Whoever plans each party should get together and plan how the parties will be remembered. A joint photo album or scrapbook can have one section for the bachelorette and one section for the bachelor. The wedding book may have a small section for the parties, but not all parts of the parties will be suitable for the wedding album, but it doesnt mean the bachelor and the bachelorette dont want to remember their parties. The maid of honor and the best man traditionally plan the parties. They should coordinate what will be included in the bachelorette and bachelor party memory book. A cell phone can be used to coordinate and update the night/s of the parties so both the bachelorette and the bachelor have similar photographs and mementos for their memory book. The following can be included in the bachelor and bachelorette party memory book: * Photos-include photos of the group, the front of the location (include the business sign) where the party is held, employees who are memorable at the location of the party, and random candid shots. Avoid any photos that will cause embarrassment or will need to be hidden from the future spouse. Give guests disposable cameras in addition to having an official photographer (friend, amateur, or professional) to get a wide variety of photos. * Mementos-matchbook from venue, invitation, napkin with event location name, nametags, buttons, ticket stubs, party location business card, party beads, and anything else you can attach to the pages. * Memory book page decorations-you can have it match the theme of the night-drinks, dancing, etc. or have a wedding theme. The memory page decorations can have a color theme, matching the wedding colors. Decorations can also match the area where the party is located-desert, mountain, etc. If you have trouble filling the pages of the memory book, go online and find images from the websites of the venues, services, and other locations that relate to the party to add to the scrapbook pages. To find venues like lounges and nightclubs that will give the dramatic backdrop and photo opportunities you want in the bachelors and bachelorettes memory book, allow an event planner to help you find the ideal venue for the party. In New York City, Paramarx provides complimentary event planning services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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