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"Love forever" on Ye Zuxin tonight after 90 employment deduction – Sohu entertainment Ye Zuxin Ye Zuxin played 90 name Jin Bo Sohu entertainment starring Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Ye Zuxin, Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng, et al. The city emotional drama "love forever", will be on September 8th (tonight) landing Zhejiang TV prime time. The focus of two generations of people’s emotional life. By virtue of "," "startling step by step", "Shushan iron in burn wars" and other works and won the audience favorite Ye Zuxin, who played Jin Bo in the "90", gave a 90 emotional experience and life after the baptism of growth story to the audience. 90 as a generation of special, mostly only children are often called "Beat Generation" and "no responsibility generation" and "the most selfish generation" and "the most rebellious generation" and so on negative call, and now this group of greenhouse flowers has been criticized and questioned gradually into long maturity, played by Ye Zuxin Jin Bo is the name of 90. "Love forever" to two generations of people’s emotional life as the center, radiation 90 employment status, older 3S lady, the flash from the flash marriage law problems, the two generation of social contradictions more hot. In the play, Jin Bo has Zuxin leaves 90, a trouble maker, all kinds of things he can be in a mess, and every time he brought to the general turmoil can lead to bursting point. He always thinks he is very talented, looking for work on high not low, always feel lack is a chance. After he grew up, so that the audience saw a difficult and challenging baptism, do not rely on the strength of their parents, grow up after 90". For the interpretation of 90, born in 80s, Ye Zuxin said, speaking for the performing age is not a big problem, "although I am a 80, but I will stand in the 90 point of view to understand them, I hope the audience can through this drama really to know and understand now 90, I can prove that 90 is reliable." In recent years, Ye Zuxin became a screen busy person, whether it is "startling step by step" in "ten age", "the" sharp division benevolence "fan Datong", or "burning" in the "iron Ding Chouwa", has received praise from the outside world, whether the audience or professionals are given strong appreciation. This time he also subvert the previous costume and tough guy image, a bold attempt to 90. 19:30 tonight, city emotional drama "love forever" will be broadcast on Zhejiang TV prime time, please look forward to.   相关的主题文章:

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