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Arts-and-Entertainment In September 2004 over a remote island somewhere in the Pacific ocean an airliner suffers some kind of catastrophic failure and breaks up in mid-air. Large sections of the aircraft, which was en route from Australia to Los Angeles crash onto the island. An aircraft crash like this you would think would be unsurvivable but against the odds a number of survivors .e together on the beach and setup a make shift camp to wait for rescue. However, disturbing noises can be heard .ing from the jungle nearby. After the shock of their situation has passed somewhat a few of the survivors agree that they need to try and figure out where they are and attempt to make contact with anyone who might be able to help them. Three of them; Charlie, Jack and Kate decide to try and locate the cockpit of the aircraft. Once they find the cockpit section, they find out from an injured pilot that the plane had lost contact with ground control six hours after they took off. Because of this the pilot had decided to turn back and make for Fiji when they hit strong turbulence. Apparently the plane could have been up to a thousand miles off course when it crashed. The source of the strange noises from the jungle now makes its presence felt as a monster appears and drags off the pilot, killing him in the process. Jack, Kate and Charlie make a run for the beach. It turns out that Jack is a spinal surgeon who was on his way home to Los Angeles. He tries to save one of the injured survivors and in the process finds a mugshot of Kate who by now he has grown quite close to. The U.S. Marshall who had been escorting Kate on the plane is dead and although there is mistrust between the pair initially, they decide to put it behind them and start afresh. One of the survivors is an Iraqi named Sayid. He was a .munications Officer in Saddam’s Republican Guard and he attempts to repair a transceiver from the plane. A few of the survivors decide to take the transceiver to higher ground to see if they can find a signal with it. Unexpectedly, they are attacked on their journey by a polar bear! They eventually get to higher ground and turn on the transceiver but find out that they can’t get a signal out because a more powerful transmitter on the island is effectively blocking theirs. The transmission is a woman’s voice and she is speaking French. One of the group, Shannon is able to translate and says that the woman is saying "I’m alone now, on the island alone. Please someone .e. The others are dead. It killed them. It killed them all." Then the message repeats, over and over. Sayid works out that the transmission has been on this endless loop for over 16 years. When added to what the pilot told Jack, Kate and Charlie about being off course, the chances of rescue seem to be getting even more remote. When they return to the group with the bad news a sense of foreboding spreads among the survivors. After a while the food supplies of the group, which had been scavenged from the plane begin to run run low and so Locke decides that there is no reason why the island cannot provide for them. He leads the group’s first hunting party in order to try and bag themselves some wild boar. In the meantime a young guy called Boone tries to rescue a drowning girl from the ocean and Jack starts to see visions of his dead father leading to a science versus faith difference of opinion with Locke. After a while the group ends up splitting into two sections since the discovery of some caves a little way inland that also contain a supply of fresh water. Part of the group though believes that they need to stay on the beach in case rescue arrives, hence the split. Tensions start to run high as issues arise over allocation of supplies, especially between Jack, Sawyer and Sayid. Sayid accidentally stabs Sawyer in the arm in the ensuing argument and decides to leave the camp in an attempt to map the island. Consequently Jack emerges as the group’s leader. While on his journey around the island, Sayid .es across a cable which goes out into the sea from the jungle. He follows the cable inland and .es across Danielle Rousseau who turns out to be the person who sent the distress signal. She tells Sayid about how she came to be on the island while holding him at gunpoint. Eventually Sayid manages to escape from her carrying news of the probability of another group of possibly hostile people on the island. The group, who will be.e known as "The Others" apparently had earlier kidnapped Rousseau’s baby daughter. One of the more lovable characters on the island is a big guy called Hurley who initially attempts to take as much of the plane’s food supply (especially chocoloate etc) for himself so that he can indulge in a bit of .fort eating. Hurley takes on the task of accounting for the passengers by ticking off the survivors on the plane’s passenger manifest. This exercise leads him to find out that one of the group, Ethan Rom, was not actually on the plane at all. Ethan turns out to have been planted into the group by "The Others" and when discovered kidnaps Claire and Charlie. Ethan then attempts to hang Charlie as it is actually Claire who was the one really wanted by "The Others". The attempt to hang Charlie leads him on a course of revenge and he ends up killing Ethan. Two weeks after this incident Locke finds Claire who is suffering from memory loss. Some other characters start to .e into the story more and more as the first season progresses including a newly wed Korean couple called Sun and Jin. It turns out that contrary to everyone’s understanding Sun does actually speak English which leads to some loss of trust from her husband. Time moves on with no hint of any sign of rescue when Locke discovers a hatch in the floor of the jungle and he makes it his top priority to find out what is inside. Locke recruits Boone as his ac.plice and between them they spend a long time digging around the hatch to try and deterimine what it is. While on one of their many forays into the island’s interior, they stumble across a crashed Beechcraft aeroplane which appears to be stuck in the side of a cliff. Boone decides that he can climb the cliff in order to see if there is anything useful which can be taken from the plane. He finds a radio that is still working and sends a distress call. He gets a response in the form of a male voice. Boone immediately transmits back "We are the survivors of Oceanic flight 815". However, to his surprise, the voice replies, "We’re the survivors of 815". Then without warning the Beechcraft falls from the cliff and Boone is badly injured. Locke carries Boone back to the camp but Jack’s efforts to save Boone’s life are in vain. While this is happening, Claire goes into labour and Kate delivers a baby boy. Father and son survivors Michael and Walt decide to build a raft and try to escape the island. They are joined in their efforts by Sawyer and Jin. They successfully launch their raft but are somewhat surprised to .e across a small boat on the first night. Their joy in encountering other people though is short lived as the people of the boat turn out to be a group of "The Others" who demand that Walt is handed over to them. Of course, they try to resist but the situation ends up with the raft being destroyed, Sawyer being shot and Walt being kidnapped. Meanwhile back on the island, Rousseau leads a group of the survivors to an old wooden tall ship called the Black Rock which somehow has ended up in the middle of the island. The ship is carrying a stash of dynamite, which due to its age has be.e somewhat unstable. However, it is realised that the dynamite can be used to blow open the hatch. On the way back to the hatch, the group is attacked by a cloud of black smoke which Rousseau describes as the security system of the island. They eventually get the dynamite back to the hatch and successfully blow it open. Season 1 of Lost ends with the group peering down into the darkness of the hatch. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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