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Liaoning college entrance examination fraud sentencing: 6 teachers were sentenced in Liaoning Province, Shenyang City Intermediate People’s Court of the city of Liaoning recently on the 2015 college entrance examination fraud case final verdict, responsible for contacting the candidates and collect 6 teachers parents cheating costs constitute the crime of illegally obtaining state secrets, were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 1 years to 2 years 2 month penalty. The court found that in April 2015, a middle school teacher Chen Jun planned in the upcoming national college entrance examination cheating and profit from the city of Shenyang and Liaoning industry personnel without Yang Zhiqing. Yang Zhiqing is in charge of purchasing cheating equipment and answer the entrance exam site, placed the receiver, Chen is responsible for contacting the college entrance examination cheating candidates. Subsequently, Yang Zhiqing made contact through the QQ group and individual owners to sun, through the bank card transfer payment to 25 thousand and 800 yuan to buy the sun, 9 transmitters, 60 receivers and 60 invisible headset. At the same time, Chen Jun Hu Moumou, Fu Moumou (for teachers) was introduced to Yang Zhiqing, by the two new teachers in college entrance examination cheating candidates contact. To the entrance on the eve of Chen contact 4 candidates cheating, Hu Moumou contact 3 candidates cheating, Fu Moumou contact 6 candidates cheating. Fu Moumou also through the other 3 teachers Moumou, surname Wang, Sohn contacted 9 candidates cheating. Chen Jun and other 6 teachers were charged parents ranging from the amount of cheating cost. During the 2015 college entrance examination, in the implementation of the defendant to help candidates cheating, by the relevant personnel found that Yang Zhi Qing, Chen Jun arrested. The court held that the unified national examination questions (including subtitle), reference answers and standard for evaluation in unsealing before and after unsealing, and the examination is completed before all belong to the state secrets, the organization of the examination cheating behavior is a crime involving state secrets of the transaction, Chen Jun in the case of 6 teachers’ behavior has constituted illegal access state secrets. To this end, sentenced to Chen Jun was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for 2 months, Hu Moumou and other 5 other teachers were sentenced to 1 years to 2 years sentence. It is understood that, with Yang Zhiqing involved, the sun also was found guilty of the crime of illegally obtaining state secrets, were sentenced to imprisonment. The implementation of "zero tolerance" > Liaoning province discipline of this year’s college entrance examination fraud; > > more men suspected news colleagues crowding himself with a knife to kill 3 people [258 yuan worth of air frost free trial! Scan two-dimensional code below concern, "Liao Wang" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "air cushion cream" understand and participate in the activities, patted gently makeup like nature itself! ]

辽宁高考舞弊案宣判:6名教师被判刑辽宁省沈阳市中级法院近日对该市辽中区2015高考舞弊案终审宣判,负责联系考生并收取家长作弊费用的6名教师构成非法获取国家秘密罪,分别被判处有期徒刑1年至2年2个月不等的刑罚。法院经审理查明,2015年4月,沈阳市无业人员杨志清与辽中区一中学教师陈军预谋在即将开始的全国普通高等学校招生考试中作弊并从中获利。由杨志清负责购买作弊设备及高考答案、安放考试现场接收器等,陈军负责联系高考作弊考生。随后,杨志清通过QQ群与个体业主孙令取得联系,通过银行卡转账方式支付孙令2.58万元,购买了9个发射器、60个接收器、60个隐形耳机。与此同时,陈军将胡某某、付某某(均为教师)介绍给杨志清,由这两名新入伙的教师联系高考作弊考生。至高考前夕,陈军联系4名作弊考生,胡某某联系3名作弊考生,付某某联系6名作弊考生。付某某还通过另3名教师李某某、王某某、孙某联系了9名作弊考生。陈军等6名教师分别收取考生家长数额不等的作弊费用。2015年高考期间,就在上述被告人准备帮助考生实施作弊时,被有关人员发现,杨志清、陈军等落网。法院认为,全国统一考试的试题(包括副题)、参考答案和评分标准在启封前和启封后,以及考试完毕之前均属于国家秘密,故组织考试作弊行为是一种涉及国家秘密的交易性犯罪,本案中陈军等6名教师的行为已经构成非法获取国家秘密罪。为此,对陈军判处有期徒刑2年2个月,对胡某某等另外5名教师分别判处有期徒刑1年至2年不等的刑罚。据了解,一同涉案的杨志清、孙令也被认定犯非法获取国家秘密罪,均被判处有期徒刑。 辽宁省将对今年高考违纪舞弊行为实行“零容忍” >>>更多新闻男子怀疑同事排挤自己 持刀杀3人 【价值258元的气垫霜免费试用!扫描下方二维码,关注“大辽网”微信(txdaliao),回复“气垫霜”了解活动并参加,轻轻一拍,底妆浑然天成!】相关的主题文章:

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