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Kidney failure in cats is also referred to as chronic renal failure or CRF and it is a very serious pet health issue. If it is not treated on time then it can lead major health concerns and can also lead to death. CRF or chronic renal failure can occur due to several reasons. The first and most common of all the factors that contribute towards kidney failure in cats and derogating pet health includes genetics, age, disease and environment. In the last couple of years, vets have directed their attention towards this pet health issue more than ever. Their focus has been more and more on various aspects that lead to such a critical pet health issue like low potassium levels, high blood pressure, dental diseases and acidified diets. Research conducted by various laboratories across the world has confirmed that some of the breeds of cats have higher rates of CRF as compared to others. Some of the cat breeds prone to chronic renal failure include Abyssinian, The Maine Coon, Siamese, Burmese, Russian Blue, and Balinese. Of course CRF is a pet health problem that can plague your cat at just about any age but it usually occurs more in older cats. Due to various dietary improvements that have been brought about in cat food and owing to the advances in feline medical science, today cats fighting the dreaded chronic renal failure have a far better chance than their predecessors. Today thanks to medical science and the availability of good pet health care facilities, cats can live longer and die naturally. At the end of the day, one truth that remains unchanged is the fact that most renal diseases transform into chronic renal failure in the later stages of the disease or the cats life. In cases involving younger cats, congenital kidney disease can transform into CRF. Symptoms of chronic renal failure Chronic renal failure can be diagnosed only through various clinical tests. There are certain behaviors and symptoms that indicate the existence of this critical pet health condition. If you find any of the following symptoms in your cat then you should head straight for your vet and get the CRF tests conducted as soon as possible. Here are the symptoms to watch out for: Increasing thirst Excess urination Nausea Grinding sound from the jaw Licking his lips Drooling Vomiting, which can be food vomit as well as foamy Dehydration Uuremic gastritis Constipation Weight loss Loss of appetite Muscle wasting Hair coat becomes unhealthy Emaciation Halitosis Sensitive to sound Lethargy Eating litter Depression Weakness Detached retina Oral ulcers Convulsion combined with low temperature and coma (last-stage) The most common symptoms are that of increased thirst or polydipsia as well as excessive urination or polyuria in cats. 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