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Kashmir dispute caused by India and Pakistan mutual withdrawal continued to deteriorate diplomats – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent Chen Yan] Kashmir dispute in India and Pakistan continued deterioration of relations between the two countries, both in the border following the fighting caused casualties, two 2 days respectively withdraw diplomats. According to the India express 2 reported that India’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Swarup confirmed the same day, India intends to withdraw from the Pakistani High Commissioner’s office of the official 8. "India times" 3 reported that the names of some of these diplomats and photos of the 8 countries have been Pakistani television media broadcast, and was accused of engaging in subversive activities in pakistan. The Associated Press 2 quoted two Pakistan officials, they have found a job in the India Embassy in Islamabad spy network, the security department has expelled a group of diplomats in India at the request of prime minister Sheriff. In fact, just a few hours before the withdrawal of diplomats from India, Pakistan withdrew 6 diplomats from India. Pakistan sources 2, told the India express, due to the alleged allegations of espionage by the government of India, the High Commissioner of the India in the 2 diplomats leave the India to return to the. Sources said that India is being ravaged and threatened Pakistani diplomats, officials can not remain in this situation and atmosphere in this country to work. But Pakistani officials did not confirm this. Pakistan’s national daily, 3, commented that the war between India and Pakistan spy diplomat is escalating, greatly damaged the atmosphere between the two countries. "India times" 3, commented that the withdrawal of retaliatory diplomatic highlights how difficult it is to restart dialogue between the two countries.相关的主题文章:

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