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Business James Kinney, the founder of Kinney Group creative, is a man of many talents. Creativity and James Kinney found each other early on in life. Success also found James Kinney not too much later, right on the heels of versatility. One look at James Kinney and his many talents proves that man can do anything and be proficient at anything that he puts his mind to. With James Kinney the saying jack of all trades comes to mind. James kinney after college seems to have tried his hand at everything he came across. James Kinney was first and foremost a musician. He led his college band KJV in over 2000 performances across the United States and Europe. The stint did not quench Kinneys thirst for music. James Kinney broke out of the band KJV as a solo artist and performed with some of the biggest names of the industry of the day. James Kinney performed and recorded with multi-platinum Grammy award winners The Roots and Jamie Cullum. His musical prowess won him a feature at Jamie Cullums 2009 Carnegie Hall concert. James Kinney believes that music has the power to heal. James Kinney wants people to feel like they have on a pair of new socks and sweat every time he performs. While James Kinney believes in the extraordinary power of music, he strongly believes that music can bring feelings of peace and love into the hardest of hearts. Music is a big part of James Kinneys life even after becoming a marketing guru. Music can break down walls and boundaries that people build between each other and help people get back in touch with their humane side according to James Kinney. James Kinney is a passionate man who believes he can touch individually the lives and hearts of millions of people through his music. James Kinney continues to mesmerize people with his piano. The bug of creativity did not leave James Kinney when he moved on to New york City. A taste of success leaves you wanting more and James Kinney is no different. James kinney moved to New York City in pursuit of the big ticket to fame. New York City made James Kinney a wall street analyst. While he was as many would say a successful person in New York City, the inherent sense of adventure did not leave James Kinney. He went on to become one of the very best in the marketing industry. While there are many ways to understand a person, music is what make James Kinney the person he is. You can find out more – ..linkedin../in/jameskinney About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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