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In case of adversity complain might change the perspective of life peers: suggestions might meet adversity complain about another perspective of life to walk on, Zhang Shuangwu out the truth: "another perspective of the world, adversity into prosperity, complaining of twists and turns of life, may wish to look for look at yourself upside down, a point of view, but also a way of self-cultivation." In school, Zhang Shuang brought the name, many teachers, students, track and field, master Zhao aunt canteen are thumbs up. We praise him politely, uncle and aunt from the mouth, and diligent, often early in the morning to the track and field, after the training will help Zhao master work, moving equipment, put equipment, transport garbage, the track and field, where necessary, he quickly came up a hand. Father in the first time released his son to create a world record news, he proudly said, "son from the essay line is good, do things seriously.". Junior high school, the school playground training bunker sand, he just from the Jialing River in a bag of a bag to carry sand; mother buy egg in the home town, did not pay attention to the other side of a yuan of money, he insist back. Zhang Shuang always sits in the first row in class. He studies well, grades first, and he is the monitor. In October 28th, he will participate in the 2016 Sichuan Normal University Students’ teaching ability competition on behalf of Xihua normal university. Come to consult him mentees, Zhang Shuang replied: "everything is possible! As long as you’re in the process, especially when it’s tough, tough, believe in yourself and keep getting ready!" "Dreams are always there, in case they come true."! Everyone can make miracles!" Friends, happy, Zhang Shuang to give us a show out of lectures, inverted; Zhang Shuang will walk upside down, talk about their dreams; and even scenic please go to show Zhang Shuang, when inverted he would make some fancy moves, more ornamental. Next year, Zhang Shuang will graduate from college, and the door to his life has just been opened. He says he will go step by step, not forgetting his heart. Intern fan Xi Huaxi City Reader reporter Su Dingwei pictures provided by respondents

遇逆境 抱怨时不妨换个角度看人生   建言同龄人:   遇逆境 抱怨时不妨换个角度看人生   倒立行走,张爽悟出了其中的道理:“换个角度看世界,逆境变成了顺境,抱怨自己人生曲折时,不妨倒立着看,换个角度审视自己,也是一种修身养性之道。”   在学校一提起张爽这个名字,很多老师、师弟师妹、田径场赵师傅、食堂阿姨都会竖起大拇指。大家夸他懂礼貌,叔叔阿姨不离口,又勤快,经常一大早就到田径场,训练完后就帮赵师傅干起活儿,搬器材、摆设备,运垃圾,整个田径场,哪儿有需要,他就赶快上前搭把手。   父亲在第一时间发布儿子创造世界纪录的消息,他一脸自豪地说,儿子从小品行就好,做事认真。读初中,学校操场的训练沙坑沙子少,他硬是从嘉陵江里一袋一袋扛沙;母亲在老家镇上买鸡蛋,没注意少给了对方一元钱,他硬要坚持送回去。   张爽上课总是坐在第一排,很会学习,成绩年级第一,还是班长。10月28日,他将代表西华师大参加2016年四川省师范生教学能力大赛。对于前来向他请教的学弟学妹,张爽这样回答:“一切皆有可能!只要你在这个过程中,特别是很艰难、很艰难的时候坚定不移地相信自己,不断地去准备!”“梦想总是要有的,万一实现了咧!每个人都可以创造奇迹!”   朋友聚会,高兴了,张爽给大家表演倒立;外出讲课,张爽也会倒立行走,讲述自己的梦想;甚至还有景区请张爽去表演,倒立时他还会做一些花式动作,增加观赏性。   明年,张爽就将大学毕业,人生绚丽的大门才刚刚开启,他说自己会一步一步走下去,不忘初心。实习生范乙女华西城市读本记者   苏定伟图片由受访者提供相关的主题文章:

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