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IKEA settled in Qingdao? Official: there is no exact news IKEA Ji’nan has built Qingdao news network November 8th news (reporter Ren Junfeng) IKEA settles in Laoshan? Recently, the reporter learned from the Qingdao municipal government mailbox, IKEA settled in Laoshan with a new trend, once the successful land race, IKEA Qingdao project will start construction in 2017, completed in 2018. However, the person in charge of the company in an interview with the Qingdao news network reporter, said that the current problem for IKEA settled in Qingdao, part of the media reports are not accurate, in fact, the project has not yet made new progress in the. IKEA settled in Qingdao as a Swedish home retail giant, IKEA in China has been widely welcomed by consumers. 2009, IKEA settled in Qingdao, the news began to spread. 2014, the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced that IKEA has been in the Laoshan district site selection, land planning procedures are being handled. In 2015, the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, IKEA has been registered in the District of Laoshan, and go through the relevant formalities of land, planning, but in advance due to high pressure line on the influence line and the follow-up project can not be started. In 2016 August, IKEA mall landing 220 thousand volt power line intention to present work has started to move out of Laoshan, the district government allocated special funds for migration, civil engineering and the high voltage line under the area demolition costs, Hefei Road (Haier road – Yinchuan expressway section) power line has also been building high pressure tunnel after. After the high voltage line into the land, the land will be a regular land auction procedures, to achieve the statutory conditions of sale, IKEA can obtain land use rights through legal procedures, start the construction of the project. Recently, there are users in Qingdao government network, government mail message, asked IKEA settled in Qingdao plans and specific time. In November 8th, the official reply said, for users of the message Laoshan district government implemented, in view of the recent land market prices, IKEA is to make investment report, the report by the group approval, will participate in the auction intention plots, if successful bid, will start construction in 2017, completed in 2018. IKEA: there is no specific information on the local government has a clear reply, does it mean that the distance from IKEA settled in Qingdao and a step closer? November 8th, the Qingdao news network reporter interviewed the Chinese Public Relations Manager Xu Lide IKEA, IKEA will be settled in Qingdao, the news, said the news is not accurate. Xu Lide told reporters that the current IKEA Qingdao project is still no definite news announced that the project is not determined to settle in Laoshan. For the reasons for the project is outstanding, Xu Lide said that only IKEA and other land fully equipped with the listing conditions, will be officially entered the program, the current focus is still on the land issue. "Only after the land is officially listed in the land and Resources Bureau, we will have the exact action." Xu Lide said. She also stressed that IKEA settled in Qingdao timetable has not been determined. Related: Ji’nan IKEA has been built according to the Ji’nan local media reported that the land area of Ji’nan municipal network planning and construction project of IKEA相关的主题文章:

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