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Internet-and-Business-Online What is email marketing? It is the use of email as the medium for .munication between internet marketers and their target consumers. Why is there a need to build a list? It is because this is an undertaking where number really matters. "We’re just starting to scratch the surface. The fate and power of email marketing are strong." — David Daniels How do we quickly build a list for email marketing? Here are some suggestions on how to do that. 1. Start with what you have. You have family memebers and friends in Facebook, correct? You also have friends in MySpace. You probably already have chat mates in YM or Skype. These people you have on your different accounts online are the starting point for your list. 2. Add friends on a daily basis. Don’t miss the opportunity you have in your circle of influence with your online accounts. Add at least 4-5 people a day. This way your list is increasing on a daily basis. 3. .ment and argue wisely on blogs’ and discussion forums to add people to your email list. When you are constantly .menting and discussing things with people on discussion forums you can get attention and even approval of some other bloggers. You can take advantage of this by adding them to your list for email marketing. Let them sign up or log in to your own blog and get the most from your discussion. 4. Add a sign up form to your website. When visitors have an opt-in sign up form the first impression is that you are looking forward to another contact with the visitor. This is a good start for building your email marketing list. 5. Guarantee your web visitors of their privacy. Along with the sign up form, make note to your subscribers that ensures them of their privacy. Also let them know how often they will be receiving email from you to avoid annoying them. 6. Use free stuff to get more sign ups. You can give away free e-books, discounts on products, contest or sweepstakes entry or some other incentives. Just make it clear that they only get the freebies once they sign up. 7. Add to your list when meeting people in person. When you do some business forums with an audience, or you are a speaker in an event, don’t to bring along sign up forms. People might like what you have discussed and may even be interested in joining your mailing list. So, you are off to go! Happy building your email marketing list! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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