How To Prime The Profit

Business Organizations everywhere are looking for ways to trim costs. Staying in business depends on it. Yet, many believe they have turned over every stone to drive down costs. They believe they cannot do more without impacting quality or service. We have heard this before. When Henry Ford invented the horseless carriage, those heavily vested in horses thought this was a lame brained idea. After all, it was impossible to replace horses, even if this new invention could go faster, further and carry more passengers and cargo. Those who embraced the new technology improved their bottom lines. And those who remained in the buggy whip business well, they are history. Other inventions have impacted cost savings and profitability electricity, flight, computers, oil field rejuvenation, AVS Technology are five of these. Oil field rejuvenation is one that we seldom consider. When oil fields were no longer yielding oil, they were simply shut down. Companies walked away or sold the land for a pittance. And, why not? These fields were no longer valuable and were pock-marked with non-producing equipment. You cant get blood out of a turnip. You cant get oil when the pumps come up dry. Then along came new techniques. These techniques allow oil fields to generate huge amounts of oil, even when they seemed to be depleted. Hydraulic fracturing is one such technique. Others came along as well. Think of it as pumping sea water into the underground field forcing the oil that was hiding below rock formations to rise to the top. The results in some instances are profitable beyond wildest expectations. Some oil fields are now producing more oil than they produced in the first place. AVS TechnologyTM is a new patented procurement technique that also adds hugely to the bottom line. Any procurement person worth his or her salt will tell you that they have utilized every technique at their disposal to cut costs. They have done their jobs well. It was what they dont know that is costing lost profitability. The "procurement" fields are not dry. There is more "oil" to be had. AVS TechnologyTM enhances quality, shortens delivery times and at the same time significantly reduces pricing well beyond anything considered possible using any other heretofore known procurement techniques, even when those techniques have been fully exploited and have produced results to the maximum extent possible. An executive at one time was correct when believing that his or her firm had achieved all of the savings that it can achieve. It had done the best job possible. The "oil" field seemed depleted. Then AVS TechnologyTM was invented. AVS TechnologyTM has the ability to extract the huge, otherwise unreachable, profit deposits beyond anything other techniques can, based on traditional procurement software and procedures. Thats why AVS TechnologyTM has been granted three business method patents in 2002, 2008 and 2010. Specifically, AVS TechnologyTM makes it possible for organizations to add significant sums to profitability through savings in the procured costs of custom goods and services (such as specialty manufacturing, temporary staffing, construction services, direct mail, marketing materials, commercial print, packaging, labels, and more). AVS TechnologyTM provides an automated vendor selection procedure. Here is how the multi-patented procedure works. The buyer establishes a computer file of its own prequalified vendors. Then the buyer enters details or specifications for a project or service that is needed. The computer matches the appropriate vendors to the project or service needed. Specifications are sent to the chosen vendors, and the vendors bid back. That is it. To gain maximum benefit, the buyer then follows a set of best procurement practices. These reinforce both buyers and vendors so that margin prices are effectuated, often at a 40% or greater discount while enhancing quality and shortening delivery times. Already being licensed by numerous organizations, AVS TechnologyTM is quickly becoming integral to e-commerce, with those not licensing the technology likely remaining in the buggy whip business. About e-LYNXX Corporation e-LYNXX Corporation patented the technology integral to e-commerce. Endorsed by Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing (E&I) and Printing Industries of America (PIA), e-LYNXX drives results through its three divisions. AVS TechnologyTM licenses the patented* automated vendor selection procedure used in e-commerce and procurement systems. American Print Management provides web-based system, services and patented AVS TechnologyTM to reduce substantially the procured costs of direct mail, marketing, publications, packaging, labels and other procured print. Government Print Management offers effective U.S. GPO bid services and strategies. 888-876-5432 *U. S. Patent No. 6,397,197, Patent No. 7,451,106, post-Bilski Patent No. 7,788,143, and Continuing Application 12/855,423 (collectively, the AVS TechnologyTM) This thicket of patents covers all custom goods and services, not just print. To inquire about licensing, contact Anthony Hawks at 888-876-5432 or Michael Cannata at 905-773-2207. About the Author: William Gindlesperger is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, inventor, author and consultant. He founded ABC Advisors and its successor, e-LYNXX Corporation, in 1975. Profit, non-profit and government organizations alike have benefited from his strategic insight and innovation that result in measured and substantial cost reduction. Mr. Gindlesperger invented the Automated Vendor Selection (AVS) TechnologyTM that is integral to e-commerce and optimizes cost reduction in the procurement of all customized and specification-defined goods and services. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章:

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