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Jiezhuang consumer loan plug "Internet wings" consumer scene of new formats emerging?? the property market continued unpopular, large amount of funds into the housing market, rising house prices, some investors to fill the gap of mortgage, Shoufu when lending, so the subsequent renovation funds gap naturally become difficult to avoid trouble. At this point, a number of Internet giants aimed at this market demand, accelerate cooperation with traditional home giant, bigger market, while meeting the rigid needs of consumers. In addition, with the growing scale of consumer finance in the Internet, under the help of the emergence of new forms of consumption scenarios. The housing market is driven by the demand for home improvement, CREIS refers to the data, the first week (September to July) focus on monitoring the city’s transaction area growth of 45.5% qoq. Among them, the city chain up, accounting for 91% of the city’s monitoring; compared with the same period last year, representing the city’s overall turnover rose by 32.4%, of which the city rose. Sub City Point of view, the city traded with the chain rose. The chain point of view, the 123 line of the city all rise, and rise are super, of which three city line represents the highest growth rate; the same period last year, the city line showed growth, an increase of over three lines representing the city into. Insiders said that after the transaction area rose, many consumers will be home improvement. Some consumers have customized for the new home renovation plan, but often difficult to control home improvement budget. In addition, first-tier cities generally entered the second-hand housing stock market, second-hand housing transactions in a relatively short time, after the transfer of consumer capital buffers in a relatively short time, so the renovation funding gap has become many consumers to avoid trouble. Liu is a member of the housing market into the buyer’s army. In front of the house, she has two sets of 50 square meters of housing in Beijing near sanhuan. Since June, Ms. Liu has sold two sets of small Huxing housing, while the purchase of about one square meters of residential buildings in the East Fifth ring. "My first two suites revenue nearly doubled, but the earlier bought two suites, since the large-sized apartment to buy a new contract for more than a month to earn nearly million yuan, but because housing prices rose too fast, almost suffered destruction of a single seller." Because the house put a lot of cash, but also to the relatives and friends around to borrow money, money is tight fitting. "The decoration to simple, was prepared with the solid wood floor stairs, also had to use cheaper tiles." Ms. Liu said. ?? Insiders said, good decoration environment to affect the quality of life, with two-way improving people material and spiritual life, now many families in the house for the decoration of the house are very seriously. In addition, the sharp rise in the volume of housing transactions at the moment, the rigid demand for housing still occupy a larger proportion of consumer demand for new homes, the increasing demand for second-hand housing. A few years ago, a number of banks, financial institutions will be launched for the renovation of the loan business customers, allowing users to first loan decoration and then slowly repayment, or first decoration, one year after the repayment. However, it is understood that some consumers are in the form of mortgage loans to obtain consumer loans, credit loans, loans related funds, once again into real estate.相关的主题文章:

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