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Outdoors Himalayan Eco drive is an adventure travel .pany that provides private and small-group adventure tours in India and small-ship cruises throughout the world. They offer over 100 different itineraries in India, and hundreds of small-ship cruises to less conventional destinations such as Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, etc are very rich in aspect of tours and tourism in the country. Cities like New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Bikaner, Pushkar, Manali, Sri Nagar, Rajgir, Leh, Agra, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Amritsar, Lucknow, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Ooty, Panji, Hyderabad, Mysore, Munnar, Trivandrum, Cochin, etc The mission of the Himalayan Eco Drive is to be the leading source and Adventure camps of wilderness skills and leadership that serve people and the environment. The HED .munity-its staff, students, trustees, and alumni-shares a .mitment to wilderness, education, leadership, safety, .munity, and excellence. These values define and direct who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Himalayan Eco drive defines wilderness as a place where nature is dominant and situations and their consequences are real. Living in these conditions, away from the distractions of modern civilization fosters self-reliance, judgment, respect, and a sense of responsibility for our actions. It can also be a profoundly moving experience that leads to inspiration, joy and .mitment to an environmental ethic. Himalayan Eco Drive believe that education should be exciting, fun and challenging. With this in mind, our courses are designed to help people develop and practice the skills they need to live, travel and play safely in the outdoors. On our expeditions, people learn by accepting and meeting real challenges. Our instructors are educators, not guides. They are .mitted to inspiring students to explore and develop their understanding of wilderness ethics, leadership, teamwork, natural history, and technical skills. Himalayan Eco Drive believe that leadership is a skill that can be learned and practiced. With students and staff, we encourage the evolution of judgment, personal responsibility, and awareness of group needs-key leadership traits-through practical experience and timely feedback. We value integrity, experience, accountability, and humility in our leaders. Himalayan Eco Drive accept risk as an integral part of the learning process and of the environments through which we travel. The recognition and management of risk is critical to both the development of leadership and to the safety and health of our students and staff. We believe successful risk management stems from good judgment based on experience, training and knowledge. HED is an international .munity .posed of talented individuals who care deeply about what they do. We value diversity, integrity and personal responsibility while recognizing that our strength lies in teamwork and .mitment to our mission and each other. We appreciate creativity, individuality and passion among our staff and as an institution. We take our jobs seriously and pursue our mission with enthusiasm, and we cherish our sense of humor and our ability to laugh at ourselves. Himalayan Eco Drive seek excellence in all we do. We recognize that maintaining excellence requires that we question decisions, learn from failures, and celebrate success. We are .mitted to high quality experiences where every moment and every relationship counts. We evolve and adapt with new technology, changing techniques and differing circumstances. The success of any school is measured by the quality of its faculty and administration. It is also measured by the quality of its graduates, and HED has over 75,000 outstanding alumni worldwide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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