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Heilongjiang province tourism market — Heilongjiang — check channel people.com.cn National Day coming, Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Commission in recent days around the tourism sector issued a notice, requirements for holiday tourism work, to ensure that people enjoy a happy and peaceful holiday National Day. Notification requirements around the tourism sector initiative to coordinate public security, transportation, industry and commerce, quality supervision and other related departments, immediately organize tourism market inspection, special rectification of problems found, especially to increase the unreasonable low price, forced consumption, punishment, breach of contract cheating or other illegal acts, centralized treatment a number of typical cases, and resolutely curb the tourist market chaos. Municipalities to actively guide the tourism enterprises to carry out sincere service, civilized service, improve the quality and level of tourism services; tourism to smooth complaint channels, improve the tourism dispute handling mechanism, timely and properly handling tourist complaints, tourism disputes prevention concern for public opinion fermentation hot or group events. The Provincial Tourism Commission will conduct random spot checks on the municipalities in the near future, notify the areas with prominent problems, and interview and accountability to areas with serious problems. Strict implementation of the leadership class during the holiday and 24 hours on duty system, to ensure the smooth flow of information, rapid response, proper disposal. The occurrence of major problems occurred according to the provisions of timely reporting and proper disposal, to eliminate false positives and false negatives, and delaying concealed. Do a good job of information submission, focusing on local characteristics. Information on major emergencies, security incidents, important social trends and other information, after asking the local holiday tourism responsible person at any time after submission. Provincial Tourism Committee on duty telephone: 0451 – 85978639, fax: 0451-85978619. Provincial travel complaints telephone: 0451 – 87010055. (reporter Li Jinglin) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)

黑龙江省集中检查旅游市场–黑龙江频道–人民网 国庆节即将来临,黑龙江省旅游委近日向各地旅游部门下发通知,要求做好假日旅游工作,确保人民群众度过一个欢乐祥和的国庆节假期。 通知要求各地旅游部门主动协调公安、交通、工商、质监等相关部门,立即组织开展旅游市场检查,对发现的突出问题进行专项整治,特别是要加大对不合理低价、强迫消费、欺客宰客、违反合同约定等违法违规行为的处罚力度,集中处理一批典型案件,坚决遏制旅游市场乱象。 各市地要积极引导旅游企业开展诚信服务、文明服务工作,提高旅游服务的质量和水平;要畅通旅游投诉渠道,完善旅游纠纷处置机制,及时妥善处理旅游投诉,防范旅游纠纷事件发酵为舆论关注热点或群体性事件。省旅游委将于近期对各市地进行随机抽查,对问题突出的地区进行通报,对问题严重的地区将予以约谈及问责。 严格落实假日期间领导带班和24小时值班制度,确保信息畅通、反应迅速、处置得当。发生突发性重大问题要按规定及时上报并妥善处置,杜绝瞒报、误报、漏报、迟报。做好信息报送工作,重点突出本地特色。重大突发事件、安全事故、重要社会动态等方面的信息,经请示当地假日旅游工作负责人后随时报送。 省旅游委值班电话:0451―85978639,传真:0451-85978619。省旅游投诉电话:0451―87010055。(记者李晶琳) (责编:邹慧、丁洋)相关的主题文章:

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