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Eye-Care Cataract progresses so slowly that you may not be able to tell whether youve got it in your eyes. And therefore, eye specialists keep on suggesting that people should get their eyes tested at regular intervals. Comprehensive eye tests are more likely to spot cataract development in the eye than any other method. Of late, if your vision has begun to blur / deteriorate, you should see your eye doctor to get your eyes tested. Though, only a qualified eye doctor / ophthalmologist could tell whether you have developed cataracts, were sharing with you symptoms that may also suggest its presence in your eyes. Clouded / blurred vision Difficulty reading, walking, or driving at night Sensitivity to light and glare Seeing halos around lights Double vision in a single eye Yellowing or fading of colors Frequent changes in eye glasses or contact lens prescription. The good thing is like other eye conditions / diseases, cataracts too can be treated. There are several choices available to eye surgeons / ophthalmologists when they come across a patient who has developed cataract in his / her one or both eyes. Laser cataract surgery in India is one such advanced form of cataract surgery, which is performed with a laser machine that ensures that the new lenses are replaced with the old, cloudy ones with the highest precision. The most important point that we want to put across through this article is, several eye conditions, including cataracts, are hard to detect until people develop this habit of getting their eyes tested frequently and take the treatments at the earliest. At present, we do not see any shortage of eye hospitals and clinics that provide cataract and glaucoma treatment in India. You can come across a good eye clinic in your own locality that can help you with a cataract treatment or cataract surgery in India. However, if it is a cataract in the eye or glaucoma or some other serious eye condition, wed suggest you to approach a well-reputed hospital in eye care for the treatment. Speak to the eye specialist to find out more about how you can stay away from cataract and other eye conditions that may develop in your eyes as you age. About the Author: Cataract is among the leading causes of blindness in India and in several other countries. However, if the condition is diagnosed at an early state and the treatment begins at the right time, the vision loss caused by Cataract can be prevented / managed. For more on this eye condition, cataract surgery in India or eye care hospital in Gurgaon , please read our other articles. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Eye-Care – – – Losing weight can be tough, and most people could do with losing a little. But, there’s so much conflicting information out there on what to eat and what not to eat. This article will help you be able to make some informed decisions on what you need to do. < … – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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