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Han Hong Huang Qishan yiyanbuge Biao treble Wowkie Zhang Chan: Angel of music – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, dialect music show one billion and three hundred million DB "1" was held in Beijing on the meeting of media. After two months of competition, "one billion and three hundred million DB" ushered in the peak feast, various music reproducing programs in classic songs, Huang Qishan Han Hong of the two soprano singer site whirlwind treble, Wowkie Zhang Divine Comedy skewers hey turn the audience, more cross-border network MC Michael Sa Beining. Liao Jialin Vitas Han Hong was praised in the scene to imitate the audition stage, with a Ningxiang dialect version of "rolling in the" deep popular network Liao Jialin, once again re interpretation of the classic, taking a duet with Adele. Even Wang Han said, after several rounds of the game, with the temperament of the king of Liao Jialin. For the first time to hear the original Han Hong also made a high evaluation to Liao Jialin, "your singing reminds me of Vitas, according to the way of walking, will get red". Liao Jialin scene page but only to imitate Vitas’s classic song "Opera 2". Wang Han also revealed that Liu Huan had held Liao Jialin cover this song "rolling in the deep" on the apprentice jikejuan escape said, this cover is very interesting, worth performing. "Rolling in the deep" at the end of the song, Wang Han call "not enough, another song," Liao Jialin appears to be well prepared, and bring a new adaptation of the song "Fantastic Baby", which can let the BigBang fans sit still, have to stand up and swing. Flower Drum Opera version of the "Fantastic Baby" is "rolling in the deep" upgrade edition, brainwashing melody let Wowkie Zhang shame. Huang Qishan Han Hong yiyanbuge treble soared as guests of Huang Qishan, with Wowkie Zhang’s "rhubarb Palace" combination in the program’s performance is very eye-catching. A Huang Qishan Chongqing dialect version of the "Rainbow" enough, this time Huang Qishan also contributed a song melody "expose". As a good friend of Han Hong to have been infected, and Huang Qishan offered a chorus of "Lighthouse", sung by Huang Qishan Chinese, Han Hong sang the Korean, two strength to sing on the same stage performances, shocking the audience. Wowkie Zhang commented, "this is the voice of an angel". Huang Qishan and Han Hong have worked in many shows in the chorus, together again, just listen to a song of course can not meet the audience, the audience appeal, two people sing again "cannot do without you", Han Hong to Huang Qishan when harmony, said modestly "willing to yellow mother when green leaves". Wang Jianfang Huang Qishan "  cry in the world" sing; Wang Jianfang from Xi’an as a real snow bath team finale, Chris Medina "What are words" sung Chinese "in the world". "In the world who live like a purgatory, I don’t cry, I have no dignity to give up when those dreams drowned in a sea of people sad don’t let him go," the lyrics for the presence of touch one deeply in the heart.相关的主题文章:

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