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Arts-and-Entertainment TONI&GUY and yrs truly have .e together as one to showcase a series of looks known as Hair Meet Wardrobe. The short of it is "here are some babes we are digging on, get a load of their great hair and great fashion!" It’s pretty much a holistic exercise in stylistic synergy, ya dig? Oh, we’re also offering one lucky reader a pair of the sleek, epic-selling E L L E R Y for Graz QUIXOTE catseye sunglasses in black, valued at $330. To snap these up, check out the babes and tell us your favourite street style look and why by hitting the .ments section right at the bottom of the page. Best of luck! So. First up we showcased the sartorial spoils of the late Coachella festival, which was heavy with celebrity and the pressures of looking good at a place where looking good represents the weight of the entire world. This second instalment, still equally as transfixing, dw, takes humbly to the streets of Sydney to examine how local babes are putting it together. Again this is occurring through four lenses: Classic, Glamour, Creative and Casual. Here we go: CLASSIC What we have here is a perfect illustration of timeless appeal, with a dash of personality! This is classic without being boring, which is paramount in avoiding the prim librarian look. While elements of librarian are present (fastened collar, classic dress, high bun) this part-time daredevil has spruced up conservatism with a splash of colour, nay, colour that contrasts brilliantly with her hair. And what about that hair? She’s right on point with the fuss free thing, adopting a classic up do infused with some pretty black lace. To help you out with a look like this one, head here. What do you do when you’d rather not do everything in the readying process? Cut your hair short, that’s what. Just cast your eyes downward. Not every day has to be sxc frocks and high impact hair, but every day can be classic, effortless chic and cool city living! Yet let it be known: style adjectives like ‘dumpy’ or ‘frazzled’ have no place here. She’s ‘put together’ in the chillest kind of way. If your hair is short, or you’re thinking of taking it there, let this dazzler be your hairspiration! Pixie vibes, eyebrows still visible, glorious cheekbones… nice one, girl. If you’re thinking, "I wanna pinch that look," head on over here for product to match. GLAMOUR Now this isn’t about the brand of glamour that requires stilettos and Versace. This is more about nailing it on the hair and make-up front. Hello, flawless, dewy skin and innate radiance radiating out everywhere. Hello un-ostentatious but marvellously-parted hair that falls with just the right amount of wave. Hair that is glam and akin to that of this babe is this easily replicated for you, admirer, by heading over thissaway. This young gun has kept with the glamour deal, but not at the expense of neglecting that vital street cred thing. You know what I’m saying? Her marl grey tee is distressed, suggesting ‘I’m not high maintenance’. Her lipstick, a sultry shade of red, upping the glam stakes and abolishing any chance of .ing off ‘dishevelled’. High shoes. Some leggy action. The hair, though! Far from the dreaded dishevelled; rather, she’s a poster child for delivering on a fringe that is a different colour to the main event. She doesn’t even look like she’s trying that hard, an ever-relevant lesson in demeanour, right there. If you’re interested in the shine factor, particularly all you coloured guys, here’s what we can suggest. CREATIVE I think the beauty of what you see here is the delightfully-coloured purple hair is offset by the exclusive .mitment to black and white. Let’s unpack it together. It’s a bunch of printed B+W, set against some more monochrome. It’s some well-placed accessories. It’s a hint of pink where it’s needed most. It’s kooky accents everywhere. It works, and this girl knows this. To get those shorter sections of hair in check, go for some of this stuff. Another display of shocking colour on shorter hair. This time, we have a clashing red and orange that .es out looking quite fluid and really quite tonal. It’s very gutsy, really. While all elements of the outfit are breezy and casual, we’ve got a nice farshun injection via the round frames. Large ups for that side-flick fringe, kept subtle and soft-looking rather than coated in a hard lacquer or something. Use something like this if you’re interested in these attractive textural properties. white prom dresses | purple prom dresses 相关的主题文章:

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