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Good! Good won the endorsement of Henan Zhoukou heroic brother Yang – netizens praised the reporter Intern Li Yukun | even on core tip, Dahe River and the client blockbuster exclusive launch of the "jump more than and 20 meters high bridge in Zhoukou brother rescued Suicide Girl" reported by the users concerned, we have a message praised Zhoukou’s brother Zhu Jiangtao is good in Henan, win glory for the people of Henan. Yesterday morning, Dahe reporter learned from relevant departments, Zhu Jiangtao home Xihua county Party committee and government to save their deeds expressed concern, ready to condolences to relatives in the home of Zhu Jiangtao. Meanwhile, the Zhoukou taxi industry Lei Feng team leader also said it would carry out activities to learn from Zhu Jiangtao. Hot brother heroic endorsement of Henan Dahe River and good client reports after the launch, caused strong repercussions in the community, the publication of the report on just a few hours, caused hundreds of websites, WeChat, micro-blog, forwarding the public. Among them, the amount of more than 30 million of the river’s clients in the headlines launched this report, and in the Dahe newspaper official micro-blog, the point of praise of up to more than 8 thousand and 300 people, up to 1182 comments. Netizens have to Master Chu courageous spirit praise: "the netizen Gong" said: "the people of Henan good!" Netizen "lemon lemon Da" message said: "brother praise, praise for the good!" Netizen "cat branch animal" said: "good, such a brave and enthusiastic person!" "Full of positive energy" and "pride of Henan", "brother praise" and "heroes, heroes from the land", "Henan is good, Zhu Shifu praise"…… Many websites in the comment column, users have to point praise from the Henan Zhoukou heroic brother. At the same time, there are users concerned about the girl jumped into the sea, they advise the girl message should not have suicide, suggested something more thinking, less impulsive. At the same time, Zhu Jiangtao jumped into the sea to save act, also caused a strong reaction in the middle of the taxi drivers in Zhoukou city. "I’ve got a collection of reports from the great river, which is the best example for us." Zhoukou taxi industry Lei Feng team captain Qin Xueyi said, he and many taxi drivers, was moved by the heroic deeds, such as Zhoukou’s proud. "Zhoukou city Lei Feng team will carry out the activities of learning from Zhu Jiangtao, learning meeting at the upcoming Lei Feng team, I will read the Dahe Daily reported, Zhu Jiangtao introduced the chivalrous deeds, and called on all members to learn from Zhu Jiangtao!" Qin Xueyi said. Taxi driver Zhu Jiangtao echo "heroic car yesterday morning, Dahe reporter Zhu Jiangtao home from Xihua County propaganda department was informed that the county Party Secretary Lin Hongjia after seeing reports deeply moved, expressed concern to Zhu Jiangtao. Recently, Xihua county will organize relevant departments, rushed to the home of Zhu Jiangtao condolences to his relatives, and plans to commend Zhu Jiangtao, called on the county people to learn from him. "Thank you for the hometown people to my attention, I also thank the friends of praise, in fact I just do a little thing, it is not worth mentioning." Zhu Jiangtao in Xiamen on the phone相关的主题文章:

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