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Girls drink swallow pills after the sudden death of birthday anniversary (Figure) – variable Beijing, Beijing, 31 March, according to Taiwan’s TVBS news station reported that the Taiwan New Taipei city a capacity for female college students, 29 birthday with friends to a nightclub birthday, then Lin and seniors to the motel to play, took a long learning ecstasy to her, after the female students swallowed unwell, dizziness, breathing difficulties after rest for a long time, senior emergency resuscitation, but after the hospital is still unable to make improvements. Reported that Huang 22 years old female college students, studying in Institute of technology in Taiwan, New Taipei City, homework is quite good, lively and cheerful, but also on behalf of the school to overseas competition. According to reports, the girl’s face book, there are a lot of seniors and Lin’s photo, two junior high school understanding, feeling good. 28, Huang girls invited a group of friends, go to the nightclub Carnival then invited to the motel, has to eat a half stars and ecstasy, immediately feel uncomfortable lying, dizziness, breathing difficulties after the break, to help her senior emergency resuscitation and call an ambulance, but the hospital has been unable to make improvements. Reported that police found that female college students drank a lot of wine, magnified the drug effect. Yan Zonghai, a physician at the Department of toxicology, said that both alcohol and ecstasy were involved in the central nervous system, so they were more toxic to the brain. Police investigate, female college students usually have nightclubs, boyfriend said she may use an ecstasy 3 months, but the day in the nightclub drank whiskey, beer, vodka and champagne, and ecstasy, may lead to death. Mentor also as feeding drugs, according to the wrongful death case, NT $50 thousand bail.

女生喝酒吞摇头丸后猝死 生日变忌日(图)-中新网   中新网3月31日电 据台湾TVBS新闻台报道,台湾新北市一名黄姓女大学生,29日生日跟朋友到夜店庆生,接着又和林姓学长到汽车旅馆继续玩,学长拿了一颗摇头丸给她,女大学生吞了之后身体不舒服,休息一阵子后头晕呼吸困难,学长紧急施行心肺复苏术,但女生送医后仍回天乏术。   报道说,22岁的黄姓女大学生,在台湾新北市就读致理技术学院,功课相当好,活泼开朗,还代表学校到海外比赛。   据报道,女生的脸书上,有很多和林姓学长的合照,两个人初中就认识,感情很好。   28日黄姓女生邀一群朋友,先到夜店狂欢接着受邀到汽车旅馆,先后吃下一颗和半颗摇头丸,马上觉得不舒服,躺着休息后头晕、呼吸困难,学长紧急帮她施行心肺复苏术并叫救护车,但送医已经回天乏术。   报道说,警方发现女大学生,喝了不少酒,放大了毒品效果。   毒物科医生颜宗海表示,不管是酒精还是摇头丸,都作用在中枢神经,所以对大脑毒性较强。   警方调查,女大学生平时就有上夜店,男友说她3个月可能会用一次摇头丸,但当天在夜店喝了威士忌、啤酒、伏特加和香槟加上摇头丸,可能因此导致死亡。   学长也因为喂食毒品,依过失致死罪移送,5万元台币交保。相关的主题文章:

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