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Circle of friends 100 yuan hot "foreign currency package" Bank: the value of 15 yuan financial Sohu – this time, WeChat circle of friends was selling "foreign currency package", said in 52 countries notes, two hundred or three hundred yuan, "used as a gift money give special face". Yesterday, a seller in Wenzhou said that this "spree" price between 180 yuan to 280 yuan, sold in the circle of friends is very hot. The seller introduced the 52 foreign currencies, including the United States, Vietnam, North Korea, Croatia, Kampuchea, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Indonesia and other foreign currencies. "Foreign currency gift packs" when the lucky money, but also new and face, but also let the children grow knowledge." The seller was boasting, "all these foreign currencies are exchanged from banks, absolutely real money."!" So, how much is this "spree" worth? A work for many years engaged in foreign exchange bank staff, read these notes in the photos, pick out the 1 $1, 1 $10, there are a few old North Yuan and Croatia dinar. She said, "some of the banknotes in the" package "look great, but actually quit the circulation field a few years ago, there is no circulation value. For example, the old Korean dollar has a maximum denomination of 5000, but the old Korean dollar has withdrawn from circulation. "Yes, there’s a lot of money in the small countries, and because of the dubious source, there’s no way to determine the real money." The staff said, simply, the set of 52 foreign currencies priced by the seller is only about 15 yuan at present, about 180 yuan. A person who purchases or sells foreign exchange without authorization is likely to be suspected of illegal business operation." Zhou Jue, a lawyer from Zhejiang Le Tai law firm, introduces that illegal trading or disguised trading of foreign exchange, more than 200 thousand dollars, illegal income of more than 50 thousand yuan, constitutes a crime and should be investigated for criminal responsibility.

朋友圈百元热卖“外币大礼包” 银行:值15元-搜狐财经   这段时间,微信朋友圈里有人叫卖“外币大礼包”,据说内有52张各国纸币,两三百元一套,“拿来当成压岁钱送人特别有面子”。   昨天,温州一位卖家说,这种“大礼包”价格在180元至280元间,在朋友圈卖得很火。   这位卖家介绍,这52张外币包括美国、越南、朝鲜、克罗地亚、柬埔寨、蒙古、阿富汗、索马里、印度尼西亚等外币。   “‘外币大礼包’当压岁钱,又新奇又有面子,还能让小孩子长见识。”这位卖家自夸个不停,“这些外币都是从银行兑换的,绝对是真钞!”   那么,这个“大礼包”到底值多少钱呢?   一位从事外汇工作多年的银行人员,看了这些纸币的照片,认出了1张1美元、1张10港元,还有几张旧朝鲜元和克罗地亚第纳尔。   她说,“大礼包”里有的纸币看起来面值很大,实际上几年前就退出了流通领域,没有流通价值。比如,旧朝鲜元最大面额为5000,但旧朝鲜元已退出流通领域。   “可以肯定的是,这里面大量的是小国家的货币,而且由于来源可疑,是否真币都没办法确定。”这位工作人员说,简单地说,这套被卖家标价180元的52张外币,目前大概只值15元左右。   “个人私自买卖外汇,很可能涉嫌非法经营罪。”浙江乐泰律师事务所律师周珏介绍,非法买卖或变相买卖外汇,超过20万美元的,违法所得5万元人民币以上,就构成犯罪,要追究刑事责任。相关的主题文章:

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