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UnCategorized Most people will trade forex using traditional forex trading systems and keep looking for one that is close to a holy grail. Are you doing the same too? I mean it’s alright to have your own trading system and it’s good that you follow the rules and stick to it. I’m using a mechanical system which can make real profits and many of my members who are using it are satisfied with the performance. But now I’m introducing you a method called divergence trading. For experienced traders, this method is definitely not a new stuff to them, but for new traders, you can learn forex with a wider perspective using divergence and below are the forex tutorials to it. So what exactly is divergence in forex trading? It’s basically a price action measured in relationship to a forex indicator. I use MACD in my charts to detect divergence, but in fact there are no hard and fast rules to which indicators you are using. You can also use oscillators like Stochastic, RSI (Relative Strength Index), trend indicators like CCI (.modity Channel Index) etc. We all know that forex indicators are always lagging but price is king because they are leading indicators. In divergence trading, it’s something like price action because you can use it as a leading indicator. You can master this forex strategy after some practicing as practice makes perfect. When divergence is used properly in forex trading, you can profit from the method consistently too. It is a lower risk to sell near the top and near the bottom of a trend because the risks are relative smaller to the potential reward. So what’s your thinking when a currency pair is making higher highs and lower lows? It will mean the price can go even higher or lower right? So when the price is making higher highs and lower lows, we expect the indicators to follow suit. If they are not, then the price and the indicator, in this case the MACD, are diverging from each other and will mean that the forex market may reverse. Again, the method works better on higher timeframe like H4 or higher. There are two types of divergence which are 1. Regular and 2. Hidden Regular Divergence is often used or understood as a possible trend reversal while hidden Divergence is often used or understood as a possible trend continuation. I will be showing you some examples of live forex trading charts which divergence can be used. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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