Folks like fat nuts blood into milk white (map)

Folks like fat nuts blood into "milk white" (Figure) of the long loved fat nuts also love to sleep in the blood has become white original title: eat meat and nuts folks had become "milk white blood" blood is red, this is common sense. In the third people’s Hospital of Chengdu city Dujiangyan branch, a 70 year old man to the hospital for blood, unexpectedly pulled out like milk white blood! The doctor said the uncle long loved fat and nuts and leftovers, do not love sports, causing blood to the rich flow of oil through the blood, after the separation of the upper serum like milk. "White blood" was the oil physician Chang Chen introduction, 71 year old ma uncle came to the hospital because of sciatica, because of hypertension and diabetes, so the blood test. I did not expect to take out the blood of the doctors and nurses are scared: above floating with a layer of "oil bubble", after the separation of the upper serum was cloudy white, like milk. Chang Chen said that the white horse uncle blood, medicine called "chylemia". This is a food containing fat after intestinal digestion and absorption, into small chylomicrons chylomicrons into the blood, when excessive, serum from pale yellow liquid crystal clear milky viscous liquid, resulting in blood flow velocity is too slow, vascular atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, pancreatitis, extremely easy to cause the brain infarction and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Don’t stop eating nuts for the fat Ma uncle retired often travel, eating out especially love eat fat, greasy foods such as pig’s trotters. Ma uncle in addition to three meals a day of meat, but also fell in love with melon seeds, peanuts and walnuts are smashed, 4 two peanut seeds every day, eat 4 to 5 walnut. After retirement, Ma uncle does not love sports, the only hobby is sleeping. In addition, Ma uncle and his wife usually also often eat leftovers. After a week of hospitalization, Ma uncle’s blood lipids have returned to normal, has been discharged.   source: Chengdu daily editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章:

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