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Expert: McGrady deserved fame for the 8 quarter 20+ was born to McGrady Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 8th to break up, next season McGrady are eligible to become a candidate for the hall of fame, American basketball expert Cody Davies wrote to explain why McGrady is eligible for the hall of fame. This year, O’neal, Iverson and Yao Ming will join hands in the hall of fame. In 2017, McGrady will become the new members of the hall of fame? 4 years ago, McGrady retired, has sparked heated debate. Career, he never won the championship, the last moments of his career on the Spurs bench. However, McGrady was inducted into the opportunity than expected to come: Tracy McGrady is one of the top the League scoring master, from 2000-2008, McGrady became the best of them that a generation of players, his talent even Kobe envy. In the magic McGrady became the League superstar, and his career more time is spent in houston. 12 years ago, the Rockets in a big deal, the score will be the king of the Houston from Orlando to the two, with the partner of, composed of MM combination. Because of the bad record of rockets in the playoffs, a lot of people during the Rockets McGrady very disappointed, but he has been plagued by injuries, late. However, the Rockets Tracy McGrady review career, he still shows the star value. In the period, the buyout led the team for 4 seasons to get 50 wins, which is made up of 50 wins Olajuwon era rocket period. In the 5 season the Rockets, McGrady has 4 season scoring less than 21 points, count the magic, that is the 8 consecutive season averaged 20+. From 2001-2008, union only Iverson and Kobe averaged more than McGrady averaged third scored 22.7 points for the Rockets Tracy McGrady is history. Not only is the score, McGrady passes, averaging 5.6 assists ranked sixth rockets history, moreover, he had 5.5 rebounds per game. Such data is now in the absolute super level. In the playoffs, but also do our best to lead the team to qualify for mcgrady. Before 2012, McGrady averaged score reached 27.3 points, which can be discharged into the top ten in league history. The Rockets first playoff career, McGrady’s performance is a phenomenon, he averaged 30.7 points and 6.7 assists and 7.4 rebounds, in 2007 and 2008, the Rockets twice by jazz, but McGrady averaged still scored 26.1 points 7 assists and 7.1 rebounds. In addition, the 6 rank in the occupation career McGrady MVP vote before eight, twice a year in the best, the best three degrees two, twice the best three array. That’s enough to get him into the hall of fame. (ACE)相关的主题文章:

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