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Health Electronic cigarettes are really interesting because of their design and unique quality. This device is the electronic version of the normal cigarette and its users find it to be really beneficial because it helps to curb their smoking habit much better than other quit smoking products. Electronic cigarettes give the same sense of satisfaction as that of using a real cigarette. The device is easy-to-use and can be activated by switching on a button or by merely inhaling. When .pared to other quit smoking products, electronic cigarettes are able to withdraw a person from smoking because it is able to effectively satisfy the craving for a smoke. Those using it do not get back to using normal cigarettes, which is the real difference because a normal cigarette has more than 4000 toxins. It also has tar which can stick to the lungs causing lung cancer. Electronic cigarettes do not pose such problems because they contain only a nicotine solution. When this solution is vaporized by the devices heating element, the vapor that .es out is harmless and quickly dissolves in the air. Those who smoke two to three packs a day know how much money is actually spent on them. When this is .pared to the cost of an electronic cigarette, there are considerable savings, almost seventy percent. Refill cartridges also cost far less than normal cigarettes and the device .es with a smart chip that switches off in case you inhale too much nicotine. The nicotine cartridges used in ecigs are available in varying strengths. You can find them available in high, medium and low level nicotine. Most people opt for the high nicotine solution first because it offers a stronger vapor and then reduce to a solution that has lower nicotine content. There are also cartridges with zero nicotine content. Such cartridges have food flavoring such as cherry, mint, menthol, strawberry, and chocolate and so on. There are close to hundred different food flavors and more are .ing out every time. Using cartridges with food flavoring enables you to enjoy a unique flavor, every time you smoke, plus you are no longer dependent on nicotine. Buy electronic cigarettes to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. No longer will your fingers and breath smell of cigarette smoke and you can avoid the problem of stained teeth. The vapor .ing from the device does not cause any second hand smoke problem, thus the air around you is cleaner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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