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What is the Electronic Cigarette? The Electronic Cigarette is an electronic device, which imitates a regular cigarette. It is a new way for users of regular tobacco based cigarettes to regulate and control their nicotine intake while in public places. How does it work? The Electronic Cigarette works in the following way: the user inhales on the electronic cigarette, this causes an air flow sensor to signal to the inbuilt microprocessor to activate the atomizer. The atomizer converts the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into a vapour using heat [atomization]. The vapour is inhaled by the user. Simultaneously, a water based vapour is released from the glycol by the atomizer to resemble ‘smoke’. This ‘smoke’ has no risk to its user or persons around them. What is in the Cartridge? The base liquid of the electronic cigarette cartridge is a mixture of liquid-nicotine, tobacco extract flavourings and Propylene glycol. The liquid contains no harmful chemicals, unlike a typical tobacco based cigarette. What powers the device? A rechargeable lithium battery powers the device. How do I know when my battery is fully charged? All chargers .e with a LED indicator which changes from red to green. The LED is usually red when you place a discharged battery into it, and will change to green when the battery is fully charged. Some people notice that the LED ‘pulses’ or gives very tiny blips of green whilst on red and charging. This is .pletely normal. How long will a battery take to charge? For the majority of models, an initial charging time of 8 hours is re.mended. After that, most models of e-cigarettes take between one and two hours to charge on the mains charger. It may take slightly longer if charging through a USB charger, but this is not always the case. You should find that if you have bought a two battery starter kit, one battery can be charging while the other is in use. What available methods are there for charging a battery? Most e-cigarettes have two types of charger: A mains charger, and 2] a USB charger for your pc. The USB charger can be used in your USB .puter port, in a USB hub, or you can buy a USB cigarette lighter converter for your car. You can also buy a USB-to-mains adaptor for charging. The Titan [Joye 510] has the portable PCC [portable cigarette charger] available. You can also convert a USB charger to an ‘on the move’ option by buying a portable power pack [the pack usually charges through the USB on the .puter]. Why do I need spare batteries? Lithium batteries permanently lose capacity over time. This is why e-cig batteries have a relatively short life of 2-3 months. The electronic cigarettes are considered as consumables, hence the reason the separate parts need to be replaced. But it is not working? If however you experience problems with your battery i.e. the LED does not light up when you inhale on the cigarette, this generally means the battery either needs a good charge or that the battery is faulty. Remember before going to bed disconnect the battery from the atomiser, batteries can drain over night as they are in standby mode when not being used. How to tell if your battery is faulty? If when you screw your battery into the charger the light does not change from green to red, and/or flash to indicate that the battery has connected to the charger, then it is probable that the battery is faulty. When you inhale on the e-cigarette [with a fully charged battery] and there is no vapour, nor does the LED light up, this may indicate a faulty battery. However this may be caused by the atomizer, so please try a fresh atomiser before reporting the battery as faulty. The Electronic Cigarette not only helps the user to regulate their nicotine intake, and creates a vapour resembling smoke, but it also looks like a cigarette; thereby helping the user with the psychological and physical habit of holding a regular cigarette. The Electronic Cigarette has been awarded EC and RoHS certification as a safe electronic device. 相关的主题文章:

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