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Earthquake that night to cheer each other after finding the little sister big brother (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, February 13, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Crown Victoria building collapsed, rescued Huang Guangwei yesterday afternoon in a university hospital, and from next door to the little sister meet Huan, the original three when people trapped across the wall, cheer each other in the dark in the rubble, spend time little sister feel alarmed, parents are very grateful to him, to let the children come up. Huang Guangwei and twin brother together rescued at the Department of social work at the university he, after the disaster has been quite calm and optimistic, he thinks the still missing father, aunt and sister, and want to be found, but yesterday morning search and rescue personnel found the remains of three people, let him reunite with family mengsui. A large hospital said the hospital eleven year old Lin Fei and Duan Tingwei of nine years old, after being rescued along with family from "big brother to accompany our family", later in the media to see half believe and half doubt, Huang Guangwei had mentioned and neighbor sister dialogue, he is not identified, the parties assist to arrange the day before yesterday afternoon, Huang Guangwei to the hospital to visit the little sister. Because they are not met, we all have a little feel shy at first, but talk to the trapped time gradually familiar, lively little sister said "brother of your voice, not the same with the time, Huang Guangwei also asked" you at that time is not big stones ", also shared body injury. Everybody happy hug, Yoshika Shigeki. Little sister were rescued trapped at the twelve and fourteen hours, while Huang Guangwei was in the neighborhood, but due to the rescue difficult, rescue until thirty hours. Huang Guangwei recalled, the house collapsed after surrounded by darkness, then heard a little girl voice, and they tried to dialogue, small sister because he was afraid to cry, they cheer, call waiting for rescue.

地震那晚相互打气 小妹妹劫后寻获大哥哥(图)-中新网   中新网2月13日电 据台湾《联合报》报道,维冠大楼倒塌中,获救的大学生黄洸伟前天下午在成大医院里,与受困时住在隔壁的小妹妹相见欢,原来三人受困时就隔着墙,在漆黑瓦砾中相互打气,一起度过担惊受怕的时光,小妹妹父母非常感谢他,才能让孩子撑过来。   黄洸伟与双胞胎弟弟一起获救,在大学就读社工系的他,灾后一直相当冷静、乐观,他认为仍下落不明的父亲、阿姨与妹妹,还有希望被寻获,但昨天凌晨搜救人员却找到三人遗体,让他与家人团聚梦碎。   成大医院表示,住医院里十一岁的林菲与九岁的段婷惟,在获救后一直跟家人提到受困时“有大哥哥陪着我们”,家人半信半疑,后来在媒体上看到黄洸伟提到当时曾与邻居的小妹妹对话,才认定应该是他,在各方协助安排下,黄洸伟前天下午到医院探视小妹妹。   因彼此未见过面,一开始时大家都有点不好意思,但聊到受困时光就逐渐熟悉起来,小妹妹活泼地说“哥哥你的声音,跟那个时候不一样”,黄洸伟也问“你们那时候不是被大石头压到”,还分享身上伤势,大家开心拥抱、庆贺重生。   小妹妹分别是在受困十二及十四小时被救出,黄洸伟虽然就在附近,但因施救困难,一直到三十小时才脱困。   黄洸伟回忆,房子倒塌后四面一片黑暗,后来听到有小女孩声音,就尝试与她们对话,过程中小妹妹因害怕哭泣,他为她们打气,等待呼叫救援。相关的主题文章:

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