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Dropout to arise to harm night steal 10 mobile phone – arrested Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chang Xin) has not yet been paid for out of school to work without money, a man in the back to school to play together with fellow spur of the moment, actually take advantage of the early morning into the school dormitory and classroom building 10 mobile phone theft. The day before yesterday, Daxing police arrested two suspects and seized stolen mobile phone and cash stolen. November 8th 21 am, Daxing County Public Security Bureau police station received a Tai Hing vocational and technical school security department, said the alarm, the same day in the morning, a total of student dormitory lost a total of 10 mobile phones, the classroom lost $800 in cash. Police surveillance video from the school building found two suspicious men. The monitor screen, two students look like a man in a dark room, the use of mobile phone in the lighting, rummaging in a desk drawer. Duty guard recalled that night there are two out of school personnel to find a friend. The student identified late reception friends, two surveillance video was his friend Xiao Liang (a pseudonym) and Xiao Ming (a pseudonym). The day before yesterday at noon, police in Daxing arrested two suspects and seized stolen mobile phone in the dorm. After the trial, two suspects confessed to the theft. Two people confessed, small bright was at this school, after dropping out of school and Xiao Ming in the restaurant when the waiter, because the restaurant has not been to two wages, two people have no money on hand, go to the school for students to play, temporarily decided to steal something to sell. In the early hours of the morning, they returned from the student dormitory, the first floor of the dormitory window into the mobile phone, will be stolen and then went to the teaching building, stole 800 yuan in cash and a few pieces of charging treasure. Currently, two people on suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention by the police according to law.相关的主题文章:

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