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DELL chairman Michael Dale: people of the abandoned and alone – the media – original title: Michael? DELL: people of the abandoned and alone (Internet cafe show) Michael? DELL technology industry never lack such a story: a field decided to crush students dropped out of school in the dream of the arms. The wunderkind to become the industry leader. Michael, chairman of DELL’s board of directors, DELL is the way to go". Michael DELL, born in February 23, 1965 in the United States, a middle-class family of Houston, after graduating from high school to enter the University of Texas elective medicine, college for second years due to excessive fascination with the computer decided to drop out. Today, Michael, DELL is regarded as the world’s most profitable computer genius, since 1995, DELL has been listed in Fortune magazine’s most admired companies". In 1997, Michael, 32, became the richest man in Texas, with a net worth of $4 billion 300 million ($). "Fortune" named Michael DELL as the richest person under the age of 40. 2016 Forbes global rich list, Michael DELL to $19 billion 800 million worth of the top thirty-fifth. The world’s most profitable people seem to be associated with some kind of opportunity, fortunately, Michael DELL did not let this opportunity. DELL found that playing computer, personal computer has just started a very high profit, IBM PC machine sales price of $3000, all of its parts is only $600 to $700, $2000 dealers to purchase, can make a profit of $1000. So, DELL will find PC backlog to wholesalers wholesale price buy, add some properties on the machine, such as memory and disk drive more, sell the computer at less than the retail price of 10% to 15% of the price. Later, DELL recalled: because of the high price of wholesalers and users have access to services, which gave me direct marketing opportunities." He predicted that future customers will be more and more inclined to direct purchase, and direct purchase can provide customers with more satisfactory service. In January 2, 1984, DELL registered "PC Co., ltd.". In the beginning, DELL in the local newspaper to advertise the product with its own name "Dell" to sell to the user, the monthly revenue of $5 to $80 thousand. In the same year in May, the first year of the course exam, Dell computer company was founded. The direct way to promote DELL get rid of middlemen, become a production part only engage in assembly of the businessman, the basic know-how is to the middle of the original business interests for himself. DELL introduced the mainframe market direct marketing model to the PC market, although it was not generally optimistic about the model. In 90s the last century, the development of Dell as a wild horse, income of the average annual increase of 97%, net profit is up to 166%. DELL continues to consolidate and expand its traditional direct selling market, while aggressively into the Internet industry. Only in 2000, Dell’s turnover through the Internet reached $16 billion. )相关的主题文章:

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