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Consumers Association: Samsung Corp shall not refuse to return — Hainan Channel – original title to the "no invoice" on the grounds: zhongxiaoxie: Samsung shall in no invoice refused to return for the Samsung Note mobile phone market started 7 Chinese recalled, yesterday, China Consumers Association said it would pay close attention to and acceptance of consumers in the face of the recall. The problem, urge the Samsung Corp promptly and effectively complete the recall. China Consumers Association made it clear that Samsung Corp shall not refuse to return on the grounds of the invoice, the contract machine should enjoy the same right to be recalled. Since October 11, 2016, the Samsung Corp plans to recall in mainland Chinese all sales of SM-N9300 Galaxy Note 7 digital mobile phone, a total of 190984 units (including the September 14, 2016 announcement for the first time the recall of 1858 sets of products). The recall involves many consumers’ personal and property safety, in order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Consumers Association put forward 9 specific requirements: consumers return or replacement yesterday, with the mobile phone Samsung Corp can not damage, packaging or incomplete attachment and loss by refusing to recall; if consumer contracts, should be enjoy the same rights and recalled, Samsung Corp should not make is not conducive to the consumers by the accounting standards between the contract machine and calls the. Consumers choose to retire, Samsung Corp should provide a reasonable period of standby machine for the normal use of consumers. When consumers choose to withdraw the machine, such as the lack of invoices and other documents, Samsung Corp has the obligation to correspond to its own sales records, the activation of the record to determine the record, fulfill the obligation to recall, shall not refuse to return on this grounds. Consumer choice replacement, Samsung Corp valuation on other types of mobile phone should be reasonable, and should provide a new Three Guarantees certificate at the time of replacement, to purchase vouchers (invoice) to make a clear and effective correction. The validity period of the three package is recalculated from the date of replacement. Consumers in the return or replacement process, the Samsung Corp shall provide the data storage service for consumers, and do security work. Consumers due to the recall of the products produced by the postal costs of Samsung (China) Investment Co., ltd.. In relation to the postal charges, the Samsung Corp shall specify the manner in which it is beneficial to consumers. Lawyers say Samsung alleged violation of consumer law 11 reporter visited a number of mobile phone stores found that Samsung sales personnel to recall the news not to reporters and strongly recommend the S7 type mobile phone. But as a result of the explosion, the majority of consumers surveyed Samsung mobile phone to take a look at the purchase of a clear attitude or not. Reporters interviewed Zhang Qihuai, director of the blue Peng law firm, he is Samsung Note 7 mobile phone users. The use of this phone has caused him a great deal of trouble, security concerns affect the daily work life. As of the evening of 11, Zhang has not received any active contact Samsung Corp on the issue of mobile phones. He said that as Samsung powder has been very fond of the appearance of Samsung phones, almost every time to buy the latest. "But I have recently started to focus on domestic brands of mobile phones, waiting for their new products." Zhang Qihuai said相关的主题文章:

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