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Chan cloud Mage: human birth before you will see this scene twelve nidanas (source: Phoenix Buddhism) twelve karma, universe and life, for our life, what is life? Ancient emperors, but also have a superb, he said he was born in the unfortunate family, born in the emperor he thought that unfortunately, some people still admire the emperor ah! Where did all the universe come from? We present how to incarnate in the world, the country, the province, the county and the city, this family? The Buddha said there must be over a variety of ideas, but the psychological effect, do not know their own Buddha nature, self, like Damour as the founder and face the wall, smooth, clean, and buddha. The general said in a past life, these ideas are not clear, do not understand their own Buddha, Buddha all sorts of ignorance. Do not understand is ignorant, confused, there are a variety of unreasonable behavior, that is, "Ming" edge line". It is confused, is the industry, this life is to know when the reincarnation". When I was a child, I asked the child where to come from? The year in the north, I asked tangsao, children from what to do? Said to be picked up at the crossroads. Came to the province is also said to pick up the child. Where do you pick it up? Picked it up from the street. I don’t know if the baby was born. After the big know, I think this is how? How do people live? I further understood, oh! Is a past life of ignorance and behavior, confused, psychological behavior, after death, he was faint, empty, after bardo or Hades. I saw the world incarnate before dark, but far from a little bit of light, where men and women embrace, when male to female blood to the fine, the incarnation of reincarnation, the first thought is "the reincarnation of knowledge". Read from second to thirty-five days, is called "the world, sir". The psychological effect of the world is not so clear, but know ah, ah, bitter cold hot ah, but some name is called the mental world; this is called color, read second to thirty-five days. Thirty-five days later, there will be eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, into a fetus, called "six". What is the meaning of the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, six? Eye ear nose tongue body meaning into the color of the smell touch the role of six dust. For example, walking in the street, saw a girl, look into the study; her voice, her research into the ear; nose into the cosmetics flavor, eat fish; eight, bear Hericium, tongue into the senses; fall in the heart, from the heart, from the heart to read again second reproduction, is the law, method of dust. Five knowledge: seeing the color, sound, smell, hearing, taste nose tongue body feeling, this is the first one to the heart, from the heart; again, this is the law of dust. Senses are the first thought is to heart; method of dust from the heart, reproduction, these can dye heart, called the six dust. Eye ear nose tongue body meaning can enter six dust, called the six, this is still in the fetus. Further, born to two or three years old called "touch". From age four or five to thirteen, the age of four is called "suffer", he has feelings. Fifteen, at the age of six began to love, the new year to buy clothes for her mother, what kind of clothes, what kind of shoes, what kind of watch, but not strong love for men and women. By the age of twenty, it is "love, take".相关的主题文章:

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